AMD launches RAM desktop memory in US

While there were previous hints that AMD was planning to launch a line-up of its own PC desktop RAM memory products, this week the company finally confirmed that it has begun selling its own brand DDR3-based RAM memory modules. AMD is using third parties such as Patriot Memory and VisionTek Products to help distribute the memory modules. That means that people who are building their next PC rig could, in theory, create one with an AMD-made processor, graphics card, motherboard and now a set of RAM desktop sticks.

The RAM memory will be sold in three different brands with 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB sticks available to purchase. The low end product will be called the Entertainment category and is made for PCs designed for the home theater market. They will feature clock speeds of 1333 MHz and 1600 MHz. The next level up will be the Performance category. It will support clock speeds up to 1600 MHz.

Hardcore PC gamers will be interested in the high end memory category from AMD. The Radeon Edition DRAM uses the same brand name as AMD's graphic card products. The RAM itself will run at a clock speed of 1866 MHz. AMD's press release says that the Radeon Edition will be "tuned, tested and certified for specific AMD platforms to enable maximum performance at competitive pricing."

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2 things:

1) Article mentions "RAM Memory". The memory part is redundant as that's what the "M" stands for.

2) Why, AMD? Why? RAM is the cheapest it has ever been, surely the margins aren't going to be very good?

Kushan said,
2 things:
2) Why, AMD? Why? RAM is the cheapest it has ever been, surely the margins aren't going to be very good?

Could they be positioning themselves to sell complete systems? The vertical integration provides a competitive advantage to other companies like Dell and HP who have to buy their components from 3rd parties. Perhaps AMD sees a hole in the market that needs to be filled? With the entrance into the RAM market, could they also be targeting the SSD market in the future. If I had to bet, I would say that is the direction they are taking.

Fix the dozer yet, fabless clowns? Why can't they get back to the roots, do one thing and do it good? Or next things in order will be Radeon SSD, Radeon TV and Radeon Drinking Water (tuned, tested and certified to unhook your jaw; contains Rn, though). Wasn't even their own brand to begin with and now it's everything they soon will have.

I... wow. So, high-end CPUs are the only other market AMD has? Sure, Bulldozer is a pretty big failure and they need to look long and hard at what happened there, but look at where Llano is now and where Trinity will be going - that's a significant market at a price that Intel are struggling to push i3 down to, or Atom up to. Complaining that AMD are using the Radeon brand more seems foolish, especially on a venture that is likely low-risk and not hugely high-cost.

Also, where do people get the idea that there is one set of people at big corporations who do everything?