AMD makes bold quad-core claims

When it comes to quad-core chips, good things come to those who wait, AMD believes. After years of being outplayed by AMD, Intel beat its rival to the punch by releasing its quad-core Xeon 5300 "Clovertown" processor for servers in November. But AMD's "Barcelona" quad-core chip, due to arrive midway through 2007, will be a significant notch faster than the Clovertown chips expected to be on the market at that time, said Randy Allen, AMD's corporate vice president for server and workstation products.

The quad-core processor era was ushered in with the release of quad-core processors for enthusiasts and for servers and workstations in November 2006 "We expect across a wide variety of workloads for Barcelona to outperform Clovertown by 40 percent," Allen said. The quad-core chip will also outperform AMD's current dual-core Opterons on "floating point" mathematical calculations by a factor of 3.6 at the same clock rate, he said.

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AMD, despite heavy marketing machine from Intel, has been proving being a healthy competitior since pretty much K5 chips back in the days, when the MHz race was just starting to heat up for real. I do believe they will deliver, so go AMD!

I'm all for some healthy competition. They keep each other on their toes and drive prices down. That's how it should be.

Personally, I'm on an Athlon64 4800 and don't see the need to replace it any time soon (my video card is another story though)...the more I wait, the more mainstream (and cheaper) these CPUs will be by the time I'm ready to move on.

Well, AMD was ahead in the market for years. Its about time intel stopped slacking. I do have faith that AMD will climb back to the top in alot shorter time it took intel.

This Barcelona is caming to AM2 soket or for that server soket that is used by FX 72? I just don't know what to do, buy a AM2 or an core 2 duo?

Intel will have its next slew of processors ready too. AMD is basing their comparisons on time standing still.

As much as I want to beleive AMD, let's wait and see. They are late to the party and Intel is not standing still. By the time this new AMD CPU come out, what will Intel have to fight?

Intel gave a huge punch with Core and Core2.