AMD Phenom FX CPU expected in 2009

Looking to put pressure on Intel once again in the high-end market, sources say AMD plans on releasing the AMD Phenom FX in mid-2009 on its new AM3 socket platform. AMD previously acknowledged that AM3 processors will work in AM2 sockets but not the reverse.

ZoomAMD is attempting to bring back their FX-line of processors in mid-2009 according to documents Tom̢۪s Hardware saw. Although little is known about the specifications of these processors, we do know they will be based on the Deneb FX core, feature four processing engines, have shared level-three cache and be based on a 45 nm manufacturing process.

News source: Tom's Hardware

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Y'know... I saw a lot of boards claim support for "Phenom FX" long ago-- like before Deneb was even in the public eye.

I always wondered if Phenom FX-- at the time-- was the term they intended to use for Phenom Black Edition-- back before they realized they had to give away Phenoms to sell them.