AMD to launch RV670 on November 19

AMD is preparing to launch its new Radeon HD 2950PRO (RV670) chip on November 19, according to sources at graphics card makers. The company recently notified graphics card makers that design verification test (DVT) samples will be sent out at the beginning of this month and AMD will start producing a batch of 1.5 million chips in the first week of November. The Radeon HD 2950PRO will continue to adopt the R600 chip structure. It will support DirectX 10.1, Shader Model 4.0, PCI Express 2.0, UVD and CrossFire technology. The chip also features built-in HDMI, HDCP and 320 stream processors per GPU

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News source: DigiTimes

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I think I should have waited for this instead of the HD2900XT. Blah. But such is the world of computers. The newest item is only two months away, all the time.

This will finally be a good card to replace 1950 pro. and be on track to keep up with 2900XT.

Looks like it beats out 320GTS in majority of tests too and has about equal power draw.

Final Thoughts

WOW! What will NVIDIA do now? The HD 2900 PRO is a power house and is simply going to be the card to own in this price bracket. Hopefully the NVIDIA driver team is hard at work creating a new driver that will help boost the performance of the 8800GTS but you have to wonder just how much more performance there is in it.

This card is going to be extremely popular amongst users, the simple fact is that for the money there really is no better bang for buck and the current overclocking potential is beginning to look very positive. The card is actually that good that it forces the HD 2900 XT to lose some of its bang for buck due to just how close the PRO performs to the XT.

HIS have done a pretty standard job with the package and line-up and while it isn’t anything extremely exciting it’s better than some other packages we see these days. The main thing is that the purchase of the PRO is going to depend on the package and price for most people. HIS aren’t the cheapest brand yet their price looks extremely good when compared to the 8800GTS. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when we see some of the cheaper brands hit the market and just how low the PRO can go.

I’m kind of baffled by the PRO as well as being somewhat speechless (or should that be typeless?) - While it looked like it could perform great at first glance, the fact that it actually does is kind of mind blowing. It’s been a while since we have seen an AMD card come out and hit us like this.

The only real problem is the AA performance but it’s not horrendous, it could simply be better. No doubt AMD are going to continue to be concentrating on the HD series of cards and performance will continue to improve as time goes on.

Simply put if you’re looking for a new card that doesn’t break the bank – we’ve found it for you!

Hell yeah! I'm not buying a new video card till the 9xxx series is out. Still, I'd like to see what this thing can do.

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