AMD to launch two Barcelona-based processors in September

AMD schedules to launch two 2-way Opteron (Barcelona) server processors on September 10 this year, according to sources at server makers. The Opteron 2348 and 2350 will have core frequencies of 1.9GHz and 2.0GHz and will be priced at US$320 and US$390 in 1000-unit tray quantities, respectively. In October, AMD will launch the 2.2GHz Opteron 2354 with 95W TDP and a price of US$610 in 1000-unit tray quantities, however this processor should actually appear in the channel later this month, noted the sources.

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News source: DigiTimes

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Oh man, I don't get what AMD is thinking with these core clocks and pricing. Only 100mhz difference yet they charge and extra $70 for it? And price aside, those are pretty low clocked, even if they are the newer cores. I'll wait for some solid benchmarks but I don't think 2Ghz is enough to really make Intel sweat.

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