An awesome PC gaming-workstation desk seeks Kickstarter funding

Sometimes you come across a product that makes you think, "Why hasn't someone else come up with this before?" Such is the case with a recently launched Kickstarter fund raising project from a company called Gamers Paradise. It is looking to create an awesome looking desk that could eliminate a lot of issues for both gaming PC fans and for folks who simply want a better workstation.

The Kickstarter page shows the design of the desk, which has seven USB 2.0 ports that have been "strategically placed" on the front left side, the center and the back of the desk. Six power plugs have also been placed in the back of the desk. These additions, in theory, should solve a lot of the problems most people have with a ton of power, USB and other cables that tend to gather at the bottom or to the side of a workstation.

The Gamers Paradise desk will also have two HDMI ports for monitors, with an option to add a DVI port, along with audio ports that come with a physical audio switch that lets users switch from their headphones to their speakers. It will also have two LED light bars at the back of the desk. The desk itself is 60 inches wide, 30.5 inches in height and 26 inches in depth and is made out of a carbon fiber vinyl with some steel trim. There will be some assembly required by the owner to attach the legs.

Gamers Paradise is seeking $75,000 to launch his PC workstation desk and it has already raised over $10,000 as of this writing. People who pledge $489 or more will get the desk and people who pledge $999 or more will get an upgraded version with USB 3.0 ports, a white carbon finish, custom color LED lights and a way to add even more ports to the desk, although there are no details on how that will work.

Source: Kickstarter | Image via Gamers Paradise

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Some KS projects are just terrible. There are good ones like the startup space ones but this... no. It's just a desk with computer parts attached to it. My son's 50 dollar desk looks like this. I can buy $50 more worth of parts and do the same thing. It's hardly paradise looking in nature.

Although it does give me a kickstarter idea of my own. *Mr. Burns Excellllent*

This desk MUST HAVE adjustable high, because desk must be adjusted to chair's seat pan height which must be adjusted to create perfect knee angle and seat-back angle. Also, your elbow can't be lower than desk surface or you hand will brush into corner of the desk.

Interesting concept, terrible initial design. Almost everything needs to be rethought. I think we may start to see a lot of kickstarter crap coming our way.

Just an additional red flags on how bogus that kickstarter seems, but why exactly is a Canadian kickstarter registered in Toronto only shipping to the states? Seems... odd.

Kickstarter is not Canada Friendly. The options are to ship to the us or international, plus shipping has to be included. Imagine how much it would cost to ship this to Brazil.

If you are going to spend that kind of money on THAT desk, you don't deserve to have that much money to spend.

But, here's a hint about quality folks: He isn't going to spend 10$ on the little adjustable feet for the legs unless he reaches a stretch goal, and there;s only about 100-150$ worth of materials there to begin with for a 500$ table....

You can get USB 3 ports fitted in a more expensive model (with a few other extras!) , if you really needed them;

Ummm... You can easily DIY table like this, in fact I made my desk like that long time ago - mainly by using off-the-shelf hubs, cables, external USB sound card and cable management (sticky velcro, clips, etc).
My "base" desk also was a glass desk, which allowed me to see indicator LEDs for various equipment mounted under its surface - without actually seeing cables under, as only light was visible through matte glass.

I like this and it's got to be a fun experiment.
I've got a big old clunky oak desk but i reckon with a little effort i could probably knock something decent up too.

I'm not knocking the table in the kickstarter page but thinking this could be a fun project of my own.

If it comes with a set of small 30cm DVI, USB, HDMI and VGA cables, then it would be quite useful. otherwise, it seams like you will be doubling your cable mess.

No, not really. People who work at their desk tend to need someone to write as well, which means pushing the keyboard back or taking it off the desk.

Having a keyboard tray is something I've been desperately wanting for years, but every time I find a desk I like it doesn't have one.

lunamonkey said,
There's plenty of space _on_ the desk for the keyboard since CRTs vanished.

Keyboard trays are more about ergonomics than space. The surface of a desk is often just high enough that extended typing on a keyboard there gets uncomfortable. I'm a little surprised somebody thinks monitors have anything to do with this.

I'm 6'4" so my desk is never too high. If your desk is too high to type on... then as far as I'm concerned, it's too high full stop; to "work" at (and write by hand).

Maybe you should buy a desk that fits you.

lunamonkey said,
I'm 6'4" so my desk is never too high. If your desk is too high to type on... then as far as I'm concerned, it's too high full stop; to "work" at (and write by hand).

Maybe you should buy a desk that fits you.

You sound like you don't understand ergonomics, let alone how overwhelmingly standardized the height of a desk is. Congrats on having an opinion, I guess.

/"find another desk" is so close to being a FOSS parody that I'm surprised you didn't tell me to *build* my own desk

I never claimed to understand ergonomics beyond the extent that my own desks are the right height to a) write on b) type on c) game on

If a desk fails for any of those, then I'd say it's the wrong height for me. If you need a keyboard try to achieve one of these, then fine, I couldn't care less. However this desk doesn't have one, so yes I guess "keyboard trays no longer something people care about."

Also, "overwhelmingly standardized the height of a desk is"... I'm not sure it's overwhelming.

I would have hollowed out the inside, top of the desk and placed a shelf inside, which opens from the back (the width of the silver piece of the desk with the logo on it). Place all the pc components inside, with a ton of usb 3 ports on the back.

Basically, the top of your desk IS the pc, but hidden inside. Everything connects to the back, except maybe two USB ports, headphone & mic jacks up front, a volume knob and a power button.

So they add ports to the desk to minimise cables.... now has it occured that now you need twice as many cables to connect things up, so this has if anything increased chances of cable clutter....

Or even larger speakers. Doesn't look deep enough for 8" monitors, or even a MIDI keyboard.

Gamers Paradise, did you think gaming's my only hobby?

Yeah I don't get the Kickstarter thing TBH at least in this situation, seems like this is some type of company that just wants people to give them money to make stuff to make gobs of more money... How about you front your own capitol and if your product is good enough people will buy it..

It is a bit... then again a nice furniture level desk will set you back 1200 or more. But then again it would be a nice heirloom quality wooden desk!

Not with filters! And you also need those if your PC does not stand on the ground - it's not like dust is just on the ground...

MFH said,
That was either a long time ago, or a really bad brand. Nonetheless: dust != only on the ground...

It does collect up to bigger quantities around surfaces, i.e. the ground. Especially corners.
Having it a bit higher does reduce dust. Be it not by loads considering most computers have their fan entrances at the top of the system.

Better then those build in closets where a computer (or even a monitor) get little breathing room

I would have had a 5.1 solution built into the desk and an integrated adjustable 3 panel VESA stand just for starters.
The PC case is redundant, there should just be a steel drawer on the right to house components in for a proper integrated solution. Sound insulated, dust filtered. Power / Reset / IO panel on the top of the desk.

And increasing the cost 10 fold, so get this desk at $499 or whatever, and customize it how you see fit for your monitors/case size.

Aergan said,
I would have had a 5.1 solution built into the desk and an integrated adjustable 3 panel VESA stand just for starters.
The PC case is redundant, there should just be a steel drawer on the right to house components in for a proper integrated solution. Sound insulated, dust filtered. Power / Reset / IO panel on the top of the desk.

I can't wait to take my computer desk to the next LAN I go to

xendrome said,
Double the wires... 1 for PC to desk, and 1 for desk to accessory or monitor

But nice short ones. Wires don't cost much, like $1/HDMI cable if you shop smart.

Except that most peripherals have non-removable wires, so you end up with 1.5 metre cables bundled up into 30 cm cables, which looks awful and, if it's a mouse, makes it annoying to use.

It's not a good idea.

How do the ports on the desk interact with the PC?

Pretty pointless having HDMI ports on the desk if you still have to plug the PC into the desk and then the desk into the monitor, no?

Wire management.
USB ports would have a USB hub in the desk. Lame that they're 2.0 ports, should be 3.0 ports in 2013.

mrp04 said,
You end up with nice short wires from the PC into the desk, and from the desk into the monitor.

Most mouse/keyboard wires are not removable and even some monitor cables are not, not very common but is it the case.. so your still stuck with 5 foot long keyboard wires tied up on your desk and short cables from the desk to the tower.

If they put the ports altogether where the PC is and then spread across the back of the desk, then you don't have them strung across all over. Not all keyboard/mouse cords are long enough, either. That would fix that problem. Hopefully, they'll include cords for going from PC to desk, eliminating the need for the consumer to do it.

Wire management is only part of it. Being able plug and unplug any accessorie quick and easily is also an important feature.

I travel a quite a few lan parties and Its so much faster and easier with the Gamers Paradise desk. We did a few focus groups and the general consensus was that it was not worth the extra cost of USB3. However it is available