Android 4.4 KitKat release dates leaked for Samsung Galaxy flagships

Earlier this month, Samsung began rolling out the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update to its Galaxy S3, but two weeks later, it was withdrawn following widespread reports of problems, including freezing, crashes, battery drain and RAM management issues. A week later, numerous problems were reported with the 4.3 update on the newer Galaxy S4 too, with one US carrier reportedly suspending its rollout. 

While Samsung is no doubt hard at work resolving these problems, it is also preparing the next update for some of its devices. iTechAddict claims that an unnamed 'insider' at Samsung India's R&D unit leaked an internal document to them, which shows the 'expected release' dates of Android 4.4 'KitKat' for four of the company's high-end handsets. 

The first devices to get KitKat will be the Galaxy S4 and Note 3, in January 2014. The slightly older Galaxy S3 and Note 2 are expected to receive the 4.4 update a couple of months later, in either March or April. 

Last week, HTC revealed that it will make KitKat available for the One from the end of January, while the update has been rolling out to some Nexus devices over the last two weeks too. One device that definitely won't be getting the update, however, is Samsung's Galaxy Nexus. Despite being just two years old, the handset falls outside of Google's 18-month OS support window, and the company has so far not been persuaded to reverse that decision, despite a petition which attracted almost 29,000 signatures.

Source: iTechAddict via AndroidBeat | image via iTechAddict

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4.4 it's supposed to be more optimized than the previous versions which is excellent! I just hope Samsung could optimize a little bit more its TouchWiz interface ¬¬

Sounds like Samsung has major updating problems. Perhaps some should think about moving over to BlackBerry 10 and their new Z series; BB certainly has less issues given the above tribulations.

Hopefully they'll have the horrible Exchange Push bug fixed and folded into these updates. Still waiting on an OTA update for the rest of us afflicted.

Galaxy Nexus is not a 18month thing, its just that the ODM for it doesn't do smartphone CPUs anymore (TI OMAP). So it's kinda hard to release an update when the manufacturer doesn't even support the chips anymore other than in their current state. Surely rom cookers are slapping together OLD binaries with the newer AOSP software but that's not a supported path. Even if it works, doesn't mean it'll ever get supported.

It doesn't work very well, using 4.4 with older binaries.

I agree with you, but Google's official stance is that it is an 18 month thing.

Well, 4.4 is supposed to run on lower end hardware, which means it should run pretty damned awesome on higher end stuff. I'd say I'm more interested in this release than previous ones for that reason alone. There are also a few new features I'd like to get as well.

Not necessarily their have been notable improvements in both the 4.1 and 4.3 updates. More recently SVoice and more (importantly to me) Google Now which has conversation flow. If it was just bug fixes then I would agree but theirs general additions and improvements with each version of Android.

Unfortunately the battery lasting less than 20hours and the general newfound lag makes the improvements null

I don't know what the big deal is. Does your current device, if not monkeyed with, perform
as it is suppose to? I have a G-Note1, running 4.1.2, stock, with a custom kernel (to get around the brick bug problem). Other than that, and a non stock launcher, it's stock! Runs fast, smooth, no jitters, pretty good battery life. Does 4.4 bring anything to the table, for my needs?
Not one thing. So for my purposes, 4.4 won't do me any good. I guess for others, having the latest bleeding edge software is a big deal, but, for me I want STABLE.

EXACTLY. I thought about updating my 4.2.2 ROM to 4.3 on my S3. But I have a hard time justifying it. EVERYTHING works just great. The phone is fast, I can take pictures, make phone calls, send texts check my email, do facebook. Plus everything is setup just how I like it.