Angry Birds coming to Facebook

This might just be news to get all atwitter about. The wildly popular mobile game Angry Birds, which has over 75 million downloads and counting, is taking flight and landing on Facebook pretty soon. With such encouraging numbers, it's not exactly surprising to find that the game will be migrating to the largest social network in about a month.

Finnish company Rovio has had huge success with Angry Birds over the last year and couple of months since its debut in the Apple App Store. Since its inception in December of 2009, the game has expanded from just the iPhone to the iPad, Android devices, the PlayStation Portable, and soon Windows Phone 7 devices. It even garnered a deal with Twentieth Century Fox with their latest animated film, Rio. Soon, Rovio plans to take Angry Birds into different genres, like driving. And it appears that user fatigue is not ready to set any time soon.

According to, Rovio studio boss Mikael Hed said that the Facebook version of the game will have "completely new aspects to it that just haven't been experienced in any other platform," and that "the pigs will have a more prominent role."

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KavazovAngel said,
Why is this game getting so much press? There are lots of better games out there.

Yeah, but they aren't downloaded as much are they.

I actually wonder if there are so much better ames out there right now. Maybe your mean better looking, or beter yet having fancier graphics. Angry birds is about two things: basic game concept and simple yet well designed gameplay which instantly hooks you. Much like lemmings back in the days, or even before that the Jeff Minter games.. Now what I would not give for a version of Mutant Camels on my Desire.. (I know.. use frodo, but a native version would be sooooo much sweeter)

KavazovAngel said,
Why is this game getting so much press? There are lots of better games out there.

Because it is simple.

Angry Birds is a fun games and I enjoyed playing it for the first two "worlds" on my iPhone. But the media hype for Angry Birds is overdone.

Found some of the levels too hard so I gave up.
Like Level 12 of World 3. Boring when I do it about 10/20 times and can't seem to even get close.

I thought it was a silly game, then installed it on the Android and really am enjoying it. I would actually play this on FB.

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