Animated Wallpaper: This Month in Dreams (March '07)

With the growing popularity of animated wallpapers, or "Dreams" as we call them, I wanted to take the time and produce a monthly feature which visually showcases the animated wallpapers that were some of the most popular of the month.

This video highlights several popular dreams uploaded to Dream.WinCustomize.Com, the premiere website for Dreams on Windows Vista. The article link also lists all the download links for the Dreams shown in the video.

Video: >> Click here <<
Link: WinCustomize

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Yay pretty moving pictures on your desktop...
This breeds two problems that I can think of right off the top of my head.
First you get idiots staring at their "pretty screensaver" all day.
And then you get even more people confused on the difference between the desktop background and screensaver.

I'm sure it could look cool, but it just seems pointless.

VLC cannot display dynamic content or triggers either. Just because it plays video on the desktop does not make it the same thing.

Sounds cool and all but still annoying that it's for Ultimate only (Home Premium user here)..still I guess Ultimate users deserve all the cool stuff considering how much they paid for it :P