Anonyupload site not endorsed by Anonymous

A few days ago, it looked like the hacker group Anonymous was planning to launch a file sharing web site, Anonyupload, that would try to take the place of the recently shut down Megaupload. Now it looks like the site isn't being endorsed or run by the main Anonymous group after all. On Tuesday, the AnonOps Twitter site posted up a new message: "We have NO affiliation with this site, and by the looks of it, this is a SCAM."

In response, the Anonyupload site has now been updated to read, "We are not Anonymous Member, but we defend the anonymity. IT'S NOT FAKE ! IT'S NOT A SCAM!." In addition, the site's Paypal account has apparently been removed which will make donations for the site harder to receive.

In any case, this site appears to be the work of either one person or a very small group that is trying more to prove a point than to really launch a professional file sharing web site. Whether it is a scam or not, it's not likely to last.

In the meantime, the real Anonymous group has continued to launch cyber attacks on other web sites. reports that on Wednesday, Anonymous took credit with shutting down the the official website of France's president Nicolas Sarkozy along with the official website of the Virginia State Police.

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This may be offtopic but there is a new filehost being endorsed by some sites, called PirateBees. The interesting thing is their tagline 'Made by pirates...For the pirates' and the launch date is April 1, 2012. This could very well be a scam mining for email ids but the confusing thing is that a very big site is endorsing it.

Is part of a group such as Anonymous?

No, may support some of the actions accomplished by 'anonymous' group, but is not directly connected with them.

THis was posted on the site.

TrOjAn. said,

On a mobile device, no.

Because there is no desktop version even for mobile devices, right?

But yeah, there should be a report button on the mobile site, forum's the same...
Generally I think the mobile version sacrifices a LOT of very useful functionality!


Professional Lurker said, ... bring it fools!

ISP: Cogeco Cable
Region: Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)

SHS said,

ISP: Cogeco Cable
Region: Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)

So what he's Canadian eh! Doesn't tell you much other than he rides maple syrup powered mounties!

Ently said,

So what he's Canadian eh! Doesn't tell you much other than he rides maple syrup powered mounties!


Assuming is still your IP address, you have no open ports, at least in the first 1,000,

TeflonDonInc said,

Post your IP, then lets find out if they take you seriously.

Sure, or better yet my real name is Curtis Guider and anonymous can physically find me at 1869 Appaloosa Lane - Apartment 5211 to teach me a lesson. Just kidding I just made that up.

Even if people who hide behind the "Anonymous" name take me seriously (even if they do/don't really have anonymity), it does not mean that the Anonymous movement as a whole can be taken seriously.

Simon- said,
Everyone is "Anonymous" it is both fake and real. It is impossible to take them seriously.

Well yeah, I thought that was always meant to be their 'thing'.