Another day, another (white) Nokia Lumia 'EOS' leak

This definitely isn't the first time we've seen leaked photos of the Nokia Lumia 'EOS' - in fact we've seen not just one or two leaks, but this is the fifth time we've seen a photo of the upcoming flagship Windows Phone, so this is looking almost certainly like the final product. What are we seeing in today's leak? Well, the device is being shown off in white, which adds to the other colors including black, yellow and (potentially) aluminium.

Rumor has it that this device will feature a 41-megapixel rear camera with a xenon flash (which occupies the large hole in the photo above), a WXGA OLED display, 32 GB of storage without a microSD card slot, and the latest version of Windows Phone. More about this device should be revealed at Nokia's "Zoom Reinvented" event that they're holding on July 11th.

Source: WPCentral

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Wow that hole looks like the one on the Pentagon. You know, the one they claim a 757 could fit Dunno, maybe its me but that phone isn't going to be all that pretty. To me its seems better to just buy a fancy camera if taking pictures is important to you.

I just got a Lumia 920 in December of 2012. For me to be willing to shell out money to buy this phone, it has to have a significant upgrade of the system over the 920 besides the camera. Maybe in the fall with a 1080p screen, Pureview camera, upgraded processor, and most importantly a MICROSDHC CARD SLOT, I'll consider it but until then I, like (I suspect) most Lumia 920 owners, will not bite despite the fantastic camera. If MS and Nokia want to build a culture of fanatical upgraders like Apple and to some extent Samsung have, they have to do more.

People have always said "bring a real camera" if I want good shots when I am out with friends, etc. This is bringing a real camera and a real mobile phone to the party per se.

Crazy as it may sound to many people on here ( minority ) a lot of people like to post socially and taking night shots, concert shots and the likes are difficult with the current crop of cameras on our phones now. I have the iPhone 5, HTC ONE and the S4. The HTC ONE is a great low light camera given a steady hand and close up range for the flash to light up. Otherwise it's pretty poor. The iPhone 5 and S4 are about the same with low light to me.

I am waiting for the Lumia 925 to come stateside. Not sure if I want T-Mobile though. I hope they move it towards Verizon. It seems to have some of the LTE bands we will see.

This "EOS" phone if it is called that could be the breakout phone for people who are centered around social media, instagram and the likes. Given the history of the Nokia 808 this should prove very interesting.

I know we want a smaller hump but when you pack this kind of sensor and the technology behind it it's surprising they got it this thin. Look at the new Samsung ZOOM. It's a different attempt at the same market.

Can't wait to see the reveal on this one too. I just hope they release a 925 variant with WP Blue that has NA LTE bands. Otherwise it looks like I will have to look at T-Mobile as a third carrier.

gebs said,
I just hope it has at least a 5 inches 1080p display.. is it too much to ask for?
Man, I have an HTC Titan. 5" Display? Granted, I would love it but even this 4.6" display get people all up in a tisy about how big the device is. I'd welcome 1080P but frankly, I really haven't jumped on the *must have insane pixel density or I'll die* crowd.