Another The Ship free weekend begins now!

Sorry for not posting this a bit sooner. Needless to say some good news for some of you who enjoy The Ship free weekends, which seem to be popping up every month or so now. The free weekend this time around starts exactly now, at 1 PM PST (4 PM EST, GMT escapes me sorry guys) and ends this Sunday the 11th at 1 PM PST. So load up Steam, and you can either download, or if you previously downloaded The Ship simply load it up and play again this weekend for free.

Just in time for this free weekend, last week in fact, Outerlight updated The Ship with some new content, including two new game modes and a new map among other things. The two new game modes included in the last patch are Team Elimination and Team VIP. A new map was also included, a jungle themed ship/area named Raifucu Maru. New outfits, new Russian voice overs, new music for some levels and the usual bug fixes/changes snuck in as well. Overall, as usual Outerlight continues to support The Ship's loyal fanbase with new content and patches to improve the game.

So go ahead, come aboard The Ship this weekend and enjoy yourself in the only MMT around!

View: The Ship on Steam Information Page
Link: The Ship "Patch" Forum Thread
Link: The Ship Homepage

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It's a great game, it's just not worth the same as something like CS Source. Although, they are offering it for $5.00 off right now.

Thats what I was thinking, ah well thats what happens when you take a marginally successful HL1 mod and when you get it right on a totally new engine expect people to actually PAY for it. Thats really not how you create a userbase.