Another Windows Phone 7.8 update fixes Live Tile bug

On Thursday afternoon, some Windows Phone 7.8 devices received a new update that brought the build number to 7.10.8860.142. Many thought that this update would finally fix the problems with the Live Tiles in the OS not updating as promised.

As it turned out, that wasn't the case, but Microsoft has already pushed out a second Windows Phone 7.8 update that is supposed to fix the Live Tile problems. Microsoft has updated its Windows Phone history page to show the newer build, which has the string number of 7.10.8862.144.

Officially, the change notes state that the Live Tiles feature now has fixed "performance issues from a previous update." Indeed, the first Windows Phone 7.8 update was apparently responsible for the Live Tiles to not only stop their updates but was causing the smartphones to use up their battery power more than normal due to the bug causing the Live Tiles to generate continuous web requests.

Microsoft halted the rollout of the Windows Phone 7.8 updates a few weeks after this bug was found. Now it appears that the issue has finally been fixed which means the rollout can continue as planned.

Source: Windows Phone history

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is any one else facing tiles issue? i still think it persists.. my messaging tile didn't got updated which used to happen instantly

Haven't had tile or any lag issues here, they're still updating as before, both apps and push stuff, but updated anyway just the same.

Maybe is coincidence but I feel that in my HTC Titan the battery is not lasting as much since my first 7.8 update... Thoughts?

j2006 said,
Did you get the latest fix yet? Apparently this new update fixes the 7.8 issue.

Is that a battery issue?

Its unfortunate that 7.8 has a noticeable lag between the tapping of tiles and when they launch. Much slower than 7.5.

This has thankfully been fixed in the new update that was just released... at least on my Samsung Focus (1st gen)

unfortunately for me, my lumia 800 still has the issue (with the just released updates), especially on the marketplace tile..

I wouldn't really say it's embarrassing, but more so poor testing. At least the fixed it very quickly instead of waiting another few months lol.

j2006 said,
I wouldn't really say it's embarrassing, but more so poor testing. At least the fixed it very quickly instead of waiting another few months lol.

Exactly. Nobody likes bugs, but they do happen from time to time... Anyone with even a passing knowledge of the IT field understands and appreciates that... Everyone would love for bugs to never exist, but, as that is unrealistic, it's far more important that they fix bugs timely when they do occur...

My Focus has never seen any of the 7.8 updates. Had to pick up SevenEighter to get it up-to-speed. I don't know if it's because I'm a developer and the regular updating functions don't like the fact I've got all the tools installed on my machine or what.

All of our 7.x phones (a titan, two HD7s, a Lumia 710 and 4 Lumia 800s) got the first update yesterday and the second first thing this morning, from what I have seen looking over shoulders they seem slightly more responsive now.

My Lumia 920 (Bought on EE but unlocked) also received an update today bumping the firmware though now OS version.