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Over the years as an IT enthusiast you’ve more than likely come across an Antec product or two. Their unique and durable products have got them to where they are today as one of the top hardware manufactures. Today I will be reviewing the Antec One case. The Antec One is built towards both budget and low profile gamers in mind.

With an MSRP of $59.95 the Antec One joins the ranks of the highly successful Antec One Hundred and Three Hundred Two models.

Packaging and Contents

Upon opening the box you will find the Antec One encased in some good quality foam, unlike most budget cases that ship with Styrofoam which tends to get damaged often.

Once the One is out of the packaging you will see the matt black case in its full glory.

Opening up the Antec One you will notice the entire inside is also coated in matte black paint. Inside the 5.25” optical drive area you will find a bag of accessories containing a small manual, a USB 3.0 to 2.0 motherboard adapter, a packet of screws and standoffs, zip ties and four sets of tool less hard drive brackets.

The External

The case and mesh on the front panel are made out of steel, while the front panel frame is made of plastic with a rubber coating. This coating gives it a soft smooth finish.

At the top of the front panel we can see a reset and power button, 2x USB 3.0 ports as well as audio in and out. Moving down the front casing there are 3x 5.25” mesh bays for optical drives and other devices. Only the mesh optical bays have dust filters, the rest of the mesh below does not have any dust filters. The bottom segment is space for an optional 120mm intake fan.

Not only does the mesh provide style, but it also encourages the airflow through the case which is important to maintain a healthy computer.

Along the right side of the case you will notice the panel is bowed out. This design idea was thought up to give you extra room to hide your cables such as the notoriously big chucky power cable behind the motherboard tray.

Moving to the back of the case, on the top left you will see the section cut out for the I/O shield. To the right of the I/O shield is a fan grill with an Antec case fan preinstalled, more holes have been drilled should you wish to replace the default with your own 60mm, 80mm or 120mm fan. Further down the back of the case we find 1 removable and 6 snap-off PCI expansion slots. On the right side there is a small air flow grill with two water cooling grommets underneath. At the bottom there is the standard ATX PSU cut out.

The left panel is also bowed; this is most likely to match the right panel. A grill for one 120mm intake fan in also cut out but not included.

At the bottom of the case, Antec have provided a washable dust filter for the PSU grill. The feet on the Antec One lack any rubber or grip. This could be an issue if you plan to put the case of a desk or a wooden surface as it could end in an expensive accident. If you were worried about this happening I guess a bit of Blu-Tack wouldn’t hurt.

As for the top of this case, it is largely plain apart from the Antec branded 120mm case fan included.

The Internals


Upon opening up the Antec one, there are several things to note out. Firstly, the motherboard tray has a large hole to provide extra space for fast heatsink installation.

The second thing to point out is that the honeycomb styled hard drive cage is only accessible from the other side panel. The advantage I can see with this design choice is that it will make cable tidying a bit easier to maintain with all the cables being routed through the extra space given behind the motherboard. The hard drive cage can hold up to five 3.5” hard drives with two dedicated spaces for 2.5” hard drives at the top and bottom.

Taking a look at the fastenings for the optical bays, Antec have decided to take the preferred tool-less route.

From the image above you can see Antec have included two 3 pin extractor fans placed at the top and the back of the chassis. This will help to provide much better airflow throughout the case.

The Antec One has drilled holes for ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX standard motherboards so you can be sure that pretty much all of the motherboards you can buy today will fit snug into the case.

On the motherboard tray there are cut outs to route your cables through. There are two to the right of the motherboard and one at the bottom for the power supply cables to be directed. You will notice there are no rubber seals around the holes. If you’re concerned about cutting cables, fear not! Antec has been kind enough to round the edges.

If you have a wide motherboard like me (pictured above) then you may struggle to get the cables through the holes. This may be something to contemplate when selecting your motherboard if you like a tidy case.

Although I didn’t get any pictures, everything seemed to fit in absolutely fine as you would expect. Antec have provided plenty of space for a top of the line graphics card with 10.5” (27cm) to play with.


For $59.95 MSRP the Antec One is a great buy and is probably the best choice for build quality and features while still on a budget. This case should appeal to budget PC builders and will be a fantastic choice for a first time buyer looking to quickly build a PC with high end features. These features include USB 3, two quiet fans included and not forgetting the tool-less drive bays. The style on the Antec One has a stealthy look to it. The bulges at the sides give it an industrial design feel to it which appeals to a lot of people.

The Antec One is priced at $59.95. Looking online you can find it for a lot cheaper. I’d say this is one of the best cases in its category price currently on the market.


Now, to finish this review I'm going to give the Antec One case away to one lucky Neowin member! This competition will run from Friday and end Wednesday, May 2nd at 11:59PM GMT. There are three ways to enter this competition and you can enter once per day, per method:

  1. Simply reply to this article by commenting below
  2. Like (using Facebook button) and/or Re-Tweet this article; but you must use the hashtag #neoantec
  3. Like us on Facebook and/or follow @neowinfeed if you already don't.

Remember, you can enter once per day, per method which means that you can opt to use any entry method per day. Good luck to all who enter but only one can walk away with the Antec One case!

This competition is open to all registered Neowin members, and will be shipped (if possible) to the selected winners country.


Congratulations to the member Shaun! The Antec One will be in the post soon!

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Great product - winning this would be a great way to break away from my proprietary dell case that I cant afford to replace!

Thanks for the review...please count me in! I desperately need a new case. I have to leave the side panel off of the old case I used for my new build because of inadequate cooling. This would be perfect!!!

I has to admit this case look real good for mid-tower well what else could expect from Antec
right now i plan to take HAF X cost almost a fortune but i think it will be worth it .

Good review and great timing. After nothing but laptops for the last five years, I'm building a new home based PC for work, media and gaming. This is what it all starts with.

New to the community here at Neowin, but this would sure be a nice welcoming gift. Collecting parts and pieces for a new build and I have yet to decide on the case for it. This would determine the direction for it. Thanks for the giveaway!

Wow, looks like a great case for the money!! The last case I bought was a Thermaltake for over $100 and it was not bad, this one looks better! If I don't win I might just buy one :-)


Keep It Up.

Would love a new case. My current NZXT Nemesis is falling apart. Literally.. the front panel fell off a week ago. Have heard great things about Antec but haven't had the time nor money to be able to purchase a new case.

Good luck to everyone else!

the lack of dust filter in the front scares me. I got a twelve hundred v1 and an armor case v1 and I couldn't live without those dust filter. They are badly place in the twelve hundred cause I need to unscrew all 32 internal screws to clean them, but at least, all those cat hair and dust aren't in my computer.

Nice case really, but missing these. Only 1 dust filter in the bottom, not enough. I also see no fan on the front, so no intake fan for the hdd.

Awesome! Good Luck everyone! nice review.
The Antec One is a good option for users on a budget. Its price is right, and we can definitely recommend it for users who don't want to spend a lot of money on a computer case. On the other hand, the Antec One has two 2.5” bays and two USB 3.0 ports.

Strong Points

Air filter for the power supply fan
The 5.25” bay covers are meshed with air filters
Two 2.5” bays
A huge hole in the motherboard tray for accessing the backplate of the CPU cooler
Holes for routing cables behind the motherboard tray
Clips for fastening cables using cable ties

I have an ancient (from 2004) Lian-Li ATX midtower that has had two of its fans croak, and I have a new build I am trying to finish (case, either fan-replaced current or new, CPU, PSU, motherboard). The Antec ONE would make a great alternative to the Three Hundred Two (also from Antec) or the HAF912 from CoolerMaster (the two current finalists for a new case - MicroCenter currently doesn't carry the One). Being able to do some cable-fu with the power cables would be a definite plus as far as neatness goes. I can only hope I win this time...

Nice review. Actually bought this case ten days ago for my teen's first attempt at DIY. Simple, well-built, feature rich... and inexpensive. Stick-on rubber feet = $2.00 at hardware store.

I'd love another, so please count me in for the freebie. Good luck everyone... not! :-)

I've used so many Antec cabinets, that now I won't buy anything else!
Other than excellent design, one of the very best features is something we don't think of until it 'happens to us' on some other brand. The sheet metal industry calls it "Break sharp edges," which equates to remove anything on the case that would otherwise 'Slice your fingers Open! I have NEVER encountered sharp edges on any Antec box!

Amazing some 2 hrs ago i ordered the antec 300 from amazon,it will be a bonus if i win this one,your review confirmed the quality of antec products.
great stuff

I might be wrong in this thinking but doesn't having the PS on the bottom cause problems with heat rising? Plus I always seem drop a screw or something in the PS when its on the bottom. Other than that its not a bad case. Although I always look for a Mobo base that can be removed.
Hope I win it. I could use it for my son

Had an Antec some time ago. Still think it was the best case I've had. Nowdays I use a cheap Lian Li PC-Q08 im okay with, but its too noisy.

Has Antec dropped the feature where you could hang hard drives on elastic bands essentially eliminating all noise from them? I really liked that in the P150 I had.

Doesn't look all that different in the pictures to the Antec 300, a few obvious amendments and tweaks here and there but nothing majorly substantial.
Oh well I guess if I get my hands on it then I will really know

very functional, simple and sharp looking. even if i don't win one. i might just buy one for myself and recommend them for budget builds.

Wow, yes please! Have been looking for a good new case for the past few months. Looking through the review this would be a very welcome replacement for my 10+years old Aopen one

TheLegendOfMart said,
I need a new case, my cheap and nasty coolermaster is falling to bits.

My new bought power supply is lying outside my case because it's too big.
(please do not count this reply, I'm commenting below)

Cøi said,

My new bought power supply is lying outside my case because it's too big.
(please do not count this reply, I'm commenting below)

Well nevermind.. I suppose the number of comments / replies don't matter..
(and I keep losing the edit button)