Anti-virus software is locking users out of Windows 8

Antivirus software packages can be an excellent PC companion to keep your machine safe and free of malware. Unfortunately, sometimes, these software packages can also turn against the user if an improper update is pushed out or if it improperly detects safe files as malicious.

If you are using Windows 8 and also have older version Webroot’s antivirus software, it’s imperative that you update to version immediately. As noted on the Microsoft Answer forums, Webroot’s antivirus software prior to the version number mentioned above “mistakenly removes core Windows 8 operating system registry entries required for Microsoft account sign in“.

What happens if you don’t update your copy of the software? You won’t be able to login using your Microsoft account on Windows 8.

Now, this is obviously not Microsoft’s fault and Webroot is to blame but the frustration appears to artificially stem from Windows 8 which could impact the brands reputation for those who use Webroot’s software and are not aware of this known issue.

Here’s the really bad news for Webroot users, if you only have user accounts that are linked to Microsoft accounts, you will need to restore your computer to a point before Webroot’s antivirus was installed.

If you only sign into your computer with Microsoft accounts, and they all return the ‘password is incorrect’ error, you will need to reset or restore your computer to a point prior to Webroot being installed in order to sign in to update Webroot.

If this is an issue you are currently experience, you can hit the source link below to follow the directions to try and regain access to your machine.

Source: Microsoft Answers

Via: Softpedia

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I used to use Webroot a log time ago. Always thought it came up with a ton of false positives back then also.

If you know what you're doing and don't mess around with questionable websites, a real time AV is almost more dangerous to have than not! Practically everyone of the more well known AV company's have had major screw up's like this at one time or another.

While I do not use any thing from Webroot and really never will I do not see this as a Webroot or Microsoft problem. People really need to learn to check there software for compatibility before install a new version of a OS. As changes can make any software stop working it always a good idea especially on security software to make sure it is going to work. The sole blame as to lie on the users and not Microsoft or Webroot.

This is not caused by installing Windows 8 while an outdated antivirus product is still installed. The affected version range includes several very recent versions (some just this month) that specifically say they support Windows 8.

Any users double-checking the release notes before installing this product on Windows 8 would only find confirmation that Windows 8 was definitely supported.

I had to reply to happened to me a few months back on windows 8 preview I was ****ed it was their cleaner and wiped alot of registry files after reboot could not log on after numerous attempts.And they were notified after I had to reinstall windows again.I must say their starting to miss a lot of malware and viruses lately I checked my sons notebook and he was loaded with malware and viruses.hey 11 year olds download anything but dam web-root you could have stopped some of it.But thir good for false positives like amd drivers.I never agree with Langley from you tube even though commodore is his thing he said web-root is not good. He was right stop worrying on how fast they are and start protecting your customers.Now I'm Aggravated

You mean Languy and Comodo Anyway the way he does his tests is to try and act as generally as possible, the`re not perfect (none are).
Not the first and certainly won`t be the last!

Hello everyone,

This is Greg from the Webroot Support Team responding to you all to let you know that, thanks to speedy and collaborative work between Webroot and Microsoft this issue was resolved 6 days ago. The Webroot agent automatically updates for all of our users and is currently at version For more information, please see the following entry on the Webroot Community -



I can't wait until Windows 8 matures. If it weren't for Microsoft going the extra step, we'd be at Vista levels of hardware/software laziness from third parties.

I know a lot of people that have bought/downloaded Win8 but have not installed it yet. Guess they want to wait until the OS is out for a while.

Webroot? I can honestly say I've never heard of this brand of anti-malware before in my entire life. What sort of impact would this really even have?

ir0nw0lf said,
Missed opportunity there... LOL

Trojan.Win8.Pro detected.
Removing Win8.
Installing MacOS.

And then your computer is still ****ed...

I tried the OSx86 route.. I just couldn't use it. It wasn't bad or anything, just that there were no "Mac versions" of all the programs I required. It's what, 10 years later? Still nothing? C'mooon guys, where's our native exe support? No bootcamp, I wanna use OS X for the sake of using OS X, not to suplement my needs with something I'm trying to escape xD

I wouldn't say it's malware, thought it does seem to infect certain types of people. It never made any good business sense to be a Mac platform software developer, except in the sense that the sad well of applications for years meant any new application could be overpriced and people would pay for it just to have something.

The last truly great thing to come out of Mac OS was hypercard. *shrug*