Apollo 37zz - Sound quality is not skinnable

Apollo is a free sound player that provides you with what you really need -- no more, no less. The program has a user-friendly, compact, playlist-oriented interface Supports WinAmp plugins & Winamp DSP plugins and almost all the stuff that modern MP3 players should. Very efficient and easy to use GUI - no flashy graphics here though. Apollo has been around 1998 and it's one of those programs that has a bunch of fanatic supporters. The purpose of Apollo can be summed up by its motto, "Sound quality is not skinnable." It strives to be a unique player which focuses more on product quality and sound than on aesthetics. However, Apollo's awesome MP3 decoder and vast amount of features more than make up for this small problem. By default, Apollo supports WAV, MP3, MP2, and streaming audio. Through input plugins, it can play most any audio format. Allowing two files to be crossfaded is just one of Apollo's cool play features. There are several other "continuous play" options which are great for public events like parties.

Apollo 37zz fixes and improvements:

* Added three different loop modes: loop all, loop playlist, loop track
* Added an option to physically delete files
* Fixed window update issues with full row select
* Fixed the performance issue with ID3v2 tags introduced in version 37zx
* MPEG: Fixed playing files with broken or partial Xing VBR header

Don't forget to spice up Apollo with various plug-ins !

Download: Apollo 37zz (freeware)
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: Apollo Home Page

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Ok, so we had a flood of skinned music players for a long time, and now we're getting a flood of unskinned music players... And every single unskinned player says it focuses on audio quality above all, as if the skinned music players sound like they're streaming 64kbps internet radio :rolleyes:. Well, I'll take foobar2000 thank you very much, which supports many plugins that enable UI customization, but it has EXCELLENT audio quality.

It's just getting so redundant lately...