Apple and Google working on wearable devices?

The ultimate kind of mobile computer is one which one would actually wear. The idea of a device worn on the wrist that would serve as a mini-computer has been done in lots of sci-fi TV shows and movies. Now a new report from The New York Times reports, via unnamed sources, that both Apple and Google are working on prototypes for devices that would make the wrist computer one step closer to reality.

The story claims that at Google's research labs, developers are working on peripherals that would be attached to the body or to a person's clothes. The devices would then be connected to the owner's Android-based smartphone. The article doesn't go into details on what kinds of information would be gathered by these wearable devices.

The article also claims that Apple is working in secret on a similar project for wearable devices that would link somehow with an iPhone. One of the ideas that is being prototypes is a curved iPod that would be worn on the wrist. The individual would use a version of the iPhone 4S's Siri voice recognition feature to communicate with the wearable iPod.

The idea of wearing an iPod isn't new as third party companies have created wrist bands that serve as a case to place an iPod Nano media player inside. The story even speculates that in 10 years time, people might own glasses or even contact lenses that would serve as the display.

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theokent said,
I think it's better to work on the battery issue first and then try to make the devices smaller and smarter.

And abandon a niche product that could potentially earn both respective companies millions and billions?

Poppycock, there is no need to be logical about issues like 'batteries'. In the near future, us humans will power our portable devices. Plug me in yo

MidnightDevil said,
This brings lot's of ideas to mind...

I guess the proper use of the apostrophe isn't one of them.

The story even speculates that in 10 years time, people might own glasses or even contact lenses that would serve as the display.

That's already been done. Wear two iPod Nanos in front of your eyes.

max22 said,

How does this work ?

Take a pair of glasses, and glue two iPod Nanos on each lens.

But I was joking.

djdanster said,
Could Googles part in this be related somewhat to the rumours of Google's voice recognition improvements?

or is it just google Goggles actually going to be a real product that you wear on your eyes