Apple announces new G5s

Apple have announced an upgrade to their popular Power Mac G5 line of computers; being promoted as the worlds 'coolest computer' (in both senses of the word) the update comes with a bunch of new features. We previously reported that via a revised technical manual, mac enthusiasts had predicted one heat sinc for both chips in an upcoming revision of the G5 line. This appears to be true, except rather than having a fan, Apple have introduced a water cooled system.

Asides from it's new cooling the system, all G5's will now ship with a faster 8x superdrive, which allows users to burn CDs and DVDs. Apple also appear to have improved the acoustics of their PCs, a major annoyance among many users with the ever growing number of fans inside cases. Compared against a Dell 3.4 ghz P4, Apple claims the new systems are almost 100% faster. One has to bare in mind however how Apple have cheated on benchmark comparisons against Intel chips before.

The new models will be available in July.

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Is this the same cooling technology that the company Cooligy is developing?