Apple EarPods may read heart rate and blood pressure, released ahead of the iWatch

With the upcoming iWatch only months from release, this set of EarPods could potentially prepare consumers for the next-gen product. Rumoured to be announced with the highly anticipated iOS 8 update, the latest version of Apple’s earphones may have the ability to read the users heart rate and blood pressure. The Earpods should also include a better mic for noise cancelling, as well as making use of the lightening port. Another feature is "iBeacon" that claims to protect your earphones from getting lost.

The claim leaking this information appeared on – so cannot be confirmed (take this rumor very lightly), and his or her reason was they were not the first to "Get sent home for good last week".  However the news does fit nicely with the release of the iWatch and makes sense seeing as Apples WWDC in June is near. 

Although by no means confirmed, the exciting prospect of a new set of earphones paired with the iWatch is very attractive, watch this space for updates on the claim.

Source: via  pocket-lint | Image via CNet

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So it look like apple trying to copy Samsung on Health? the Galaxys s 5 have the Heart rate and Apple now try to come out with the same thing? lol. so who is copying who?

'as well as making use of the lightening [sic] port'. So you will only be able to use Apple EarPods on these new devices unless you buy another adapter I suppose...

I didn't read the part that said they were getting rid of the audio port...

Love reading these *rumors* and everyone's moans based on *assumptions*. My eye's get a work out from all the *oh gee whiz* eye rolling they do :rolleyes:.

Brando212 said,
you know, that's actually a really cool idea

It is. I've got a Polar heart rate monitor - its a strap that wraps around my chest plus a wristwatch receiver. Ear buds would be far more convenient for some things, such as jogging, biking, etc.

If they slip out of my ears when I'm running they'll be the same shite they've always been.

Never had this problem with any earphones other than the 'earpods' !

Heart Rate? Ok, Blood Pressure? GTFO. There isn't a way to do it without something getting inflated to measure it.

Also, iWatch, there has been rumors for this thing for years! YEARS!!

Enron said,
I hear they also measure blood lipids and glucose level.

As of yet, there is no non-penetrative glucose testing solution though some are in development (the glasses one is still penetrative as it's in contact with eye solution and hasn't had a trial study to see if it's reliable or what)