Apple i7 iMacs showing up DOA

Consumers have been reporting issues with their brand new Apple i7 iMacs, some with a cracked screen casing, and others are reporting theirs are dead on arrival.

This issue doesn't appear to be universal, only affecting some of the new iMacs, but is still enough of a problem to raise concern if you plan on purchasing one this Christmas. even reported having dead on arrival i7 iMac, that wouldn't even boot. isn't alone in this; they are among dozens of others who are reporting the same problems at support forum.

The user posting as "stockdoc" on the Apple support discussion forum says he brought his brand new unopened iMac into the Apple Store, where they told him his screen was cracked. His replacement iMac is on back-order and doesn't show a shipping date until December 1, 2009.

Luckily for consumers, Apple is replacing all cracked or defective iMacs free of charge, but consumers will need to wait a little bit longer to get their new i7 iMac.

One consumer posted a picture of his brand new iMac with a cracked screen in the bottom left hand corner.

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Luckily for consumers, Apple is replacing all cracked or defective iMac's free of charge, but consumers will need to wait a little bit longer to get their new i7 iMac.

That's not lucky it's required. Why do Apple customers have this bizarre idea that they should grossly overpay for a computer and then feel "lucky" when Apple agrees to replace the ones that arrived DOA? You can't charge a customer for a new computer and then deliver a broken one whether the damage is Apple's fault or not.

Because Apple is replacing it themselves and aren't making UPS or any other third-party replace it. Apple is replacing models over the counter without hassle. That is why consumers are "lucky", because they don't need to worry if they have warrenty for their product or not.

Andrew, anything you buy online from a big name retailer or manufacturer would have the exact same treatment. Plus I'm sure that apple insured the shipments. You don't think they will make those claims?

Of course the customers are given hardware that works. But saying it is without hassle is an understatement. Without hassle would mean that their first shinny new mac that arrived worked.

nokiaxion said,
The worst thing about this is that today in class, this was mentioned and a Apple user actually went and said that it is a fake rumor started on forums.....

I could not believe my ears. I didnt say anything because Im not into these fanboy fights but......

that's how delusional Mac users are. better live with it.

hotdog963al said,

Microsoft fanboys aren't much better either... it's kinda sad :(

You are both wrong.
There are Apple fanboys and Microsoft users (Linux zealots also).

WatchTheSoup said,

that's how delusional Mac users are. better live with it.

Same with lots of delusional Windows users, for that matter. And not all MS people are like that. And not all Mac people are like that.

"Luckily for consumers, Apple is replacing all cracked or defective iMac's free of charge"

Ummm, shouldn't this go without saying? I'd be livid if I took my DOA Mac back to the shop and they charged me to replace it!

Mine wasn't like that :)
Oh, it's a Core i5, that's why.

I like how it only occurs with the Core i7, not the 27 inch model in particular...

allfive6 said,
Why people keep buying over priced apple crap I will never understand

Funny comment to make regarding these models, which are among the Macs most well worth the cost ever, especially the Core 2 Duo model. This is a lot of performance and especially screen size (on an IPS panel too) for that price. I hadn't even seen a separate 27" IPS panel before this, and doubt it'll be especially cheap.

In all honesty, I calculated how much it would cost me to build this iMac, as a PC with, which is my personal favorite supplier (it's in my country by the way). I ended up having a Mac only $50 more expensive than the PC. On $2200, it doesn't matter to me.

Ok, I had a rebate on it, but honestly, the current iMac (along with the Mac Pro maybe?) is has a freaking awesome price, it's deeply in competition with PCs compared to before. And it's still a Mac.

I really don't read much about Apple stuff, but I assumed they already had the i7 when they called Windows 7 'antiquated'. As far as the glass breaking, maybe they just used cheap glass?

Cheap glass.... lol good one.
Glass is glass, unless there's a type of glass (SiO2) with cheap additives that I have not heard about yet.

MountainSnake said,
Bull***t, Apple is perfect. The cracking it's a feature so it can remain cool inside.

Also helps reduce screen reflections.

Luckily they are replacing them?

Nothing luck about that.. It would be outrageous if they didnt.

Hope my´n doesnt turn up broken *fingers crossed*

I think that Apple is trying to hold on any customer this holidays season, even if they have no stocks, buy getting the money and sending bad units (because Apple always out of stock). That way, Apple keeps the customer from going to a different brands by tying them to bad unit until the end of the holidays when new units are available.

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