Apple iPhone 6 compared side-by-side with the iPhone 5

Yet another day, yet another iPhone 6 leak. Rather than a single image comparison or rumors about storage capacity however, this time its beyond any simple rumor. What is purportedly being shown are a series of images of the iPhone 6 being literally stacked up against the iPhone 5.

Shown side by side in the photo below, some rather odd design choices can be observed such as the obviously protruding camera. This may have been a result of data indicating to Apple that many users place their iPhones in full-body cases, so Apple decided to protrude the camera so as to not let the cases hinder the range or quality of the images.

In the images where the iPhone 5 on top of what is claimed to be the iPhone 6, instantly noticable is that the iPhone 6 is not just longer, but wider as well.

What is missing however is a comparison between the smaller and larger siblings of the iPhone 6-- a rumor has been floating around for some time now about Apple releasing two iPhone 6 variations, including a smaller 4.7" variation and a larger 5.5" device that has so far been dubbed the "iPhone 6L." But, keeping faith into the rumor mill, we should expect to see exactly such comparisons in the near future.

For those who can't wait to get their hands on the iPhone 6, Apple is expected to hold an event announcing the device on September 9th, and this is coupled with a rumored shipment date to take place in October.

Check out this latest set of leaks in the gallery below.

Source: GSM Arena | Images via GSM Arena

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Sorry I can't directly reply on the new Neowin, it doesn't seem to work properly.

+LightEco: Just because Apple said at one point that a smaller phone is better, doesn't mean that holds up forever. Have you never changed your mind about something? It was once said that one PC per city would be substantial...

I hope that iPhone 6 is a mockup or clone, because damn does it look so cheap! Apple have a reputation for premium products and that would destroy it if it's a production model. However, I have faith the final product Apple revel to the world will not disappoint.

If this is real, maybe it's the cheaper phone, akin to the 5c... with larger but cheaper screen, and the iPhone 6 4.7 will be the premium, with less ugly styling.

On these pictures the iPhone 6 looks a lot like the Lumia 925. It has the Lumia 'shell' design as well similar finish around the edges.

I thought Apple made such a huge deal about the phone staying small because anything bigger was hard to use and would be a huge failure.

Now they release a bigger phone.

I'm not an apple fan but it would be foolish to ignore the trend towards large phones at this point. The key word here is choice. I wouldn't be suprised to see a iPhablet in the near future either.

The lines on the back are hideous :(

And I was really hoping this phone would look good. Should have stuck with the iPhone 5 design, just bigger.

Wow, slimmer even!

But I don't like the design so much (owner of a 5S here). The back is too rounded and that camera bump.. yuck.

Front camera seems very close to the edge/bevel and please for the love of God tell me the rear camera isn't going to protrude the way it does in that photo?!

Except Apple owns the patent to a rounded rectangle! and they are the ones accusing everyone else of copying your comment makes little sense to me sorry :/

What nonsense, now a company can't promote their products?

There are a dozen and a half reasons not to like Apple, but this reasoning makes little sense. Companies will continue to promote their products all the time; the product itself doesn't even have to change.

Now a person can't mock apple's advertisements ? I mean, seriously why are you being so sensitive here ? What are those half dozen reasons you got to hate apple btw ?

Vishwal said,
Now a person can't mock apple's advertisements ? I mean, seriously why are you being so sensitive here ? What are those half dozen reasons you got to hate apple btw ?

You can do what you want; I'm just saying your reasoning stinks. :ermm:

This is probably that fake iPhone clone (running an iOS-skinned Android OS) that's been circulating around.

(Although it does look like the screen has been photoshopped in these pics)

iPhone 4 was definitely leaked more than this:

That phone was leaked so hard, Apple put an indefinite embargo on Gizmodo. The police even got involved with that leak and busted doors down, taking evidence and violating rights of Americans:

This one is being leaked through normal production channels just like every other phone that gets leaked these days. There was nothing surprising about the 5, 5S or the 5C. Even the 4S didn't have any surprises that I can recall.

As Hurmoth said the iPhone 4 was leaked way more after the prototype unit was left in a bar and Gizmodo bought it and the FBI got involved, etc.

All we have seen so far are pictures of the body, there is no video of the actual phone anywhere* and we are, apparently, two weeks away from release. We don't know anything regarding the specs other than guess work by 'analysts' and tech bloggers which anyone with half a brain could come up with.

* Although there is a video by MKBHD of which is supposed to the the new sapphire crystal screen.

They are all pretty much the same thing though, just crappy pictures of a dummy model or just the body. No pictures of it actually working. No sample pictures taken with the new camera.

The pictures in this article are not actual phones, the display is just an image behind the glass which is why they are identical (time, signal, date, etc) on both the white and black model.

This, plus the last few leaks, have been the only true iPhone 6 leaks, though. Prior, what leaked were mainly specs, the occasional backplate, etc. Most of the "leaks" have been rumors or fake. When you factor in only the quality, actual leaks, it's really not any more or less than most other phones.