Apple Mac OS X Lion DP3 available

While Microsoft is developing Windows 8, Apple is also developing its latest iteration of Mac OS X, Lion.  Arriving via the Software Update tool, Developer Preview 3 brings several changes, including a new logon animation, additional desktop images and the implementation of several new features.

As Apple strives to improve user experiences, one particular feature that is of interest is Mission Control.  According to Apple, Mission Control:

"is a powerful and handy new feature that provides you with a comprehensive look at what’s running on your Mac. It gives you a bird’s-eye view of everything — including Dashboard and full-screen apps — all in one place. With a simple swipe, your desktop zooms out to Mission Control. There you can see your open windows grouped by app, thumbnails of your full-screen apps, and Dashboard, arranged in a unified view."

From a video posted on Youtube by Apple, this looks to be a very useful virtual desktop manager, nicely showing what exactly is running.  This effectively combining Exposé, Dashboard, and Spaces accessed by either a gesture, or a hotkey.  Also included in is Reading View, a component of Safari, providing an easy way to mark websites to read later, according to

According to, to install Developer Preview 3, you will need to install all previous developer updates, and have at least 8GB of free disk space (after the 1GB update download).  If you'd like to see a full list of changes, and additional screenshots, has an excellent breakdown (and a link to download the new desktop backgrounds).

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Any idea how OS X Lion handles Open GL? Currently, Portal 2 runs better in Windows via Boot Camp than natively in OS X. Fingers-crossed Lion will improve matters.

Mateus said,
Any idea how OS X Lion handles Open GL? Currently, Portal 2 runs better in Windows via Boot Camp than natively in OS X. Fingers-crossed Lion will improve matters.

Unless Apple scraps the OS X kernel and video driver model, your chances of it matching Window's performance is rather slim. There are inherent shortcomings in the architecture that restrict performance, especially in high GPU use based applications.

sanctified said,
It is true that Core 2 Duos will not be supported?

No, Core Duos will not be supported. Core 2 Duos will. I have an older Core Duo MacMini that won't allow Lion.

Raven said,

No, Core Duos will not be supported. Core 2 Duos will. I have an older Core Duo MacMini that won't allow Lion.

True, this is the first truly 64bit only version of OS X.

Unix2 said,

True, this is the first truly 64bit only version of OS X.

Requiring a base class CPU that is 64bit and being a full 64bit OS are two different things.

It is going to depend on how much 3rd party (and internal) driver support Apple can pull together to start turning on the 64bit kernel easily or by default.

As for pushing to 64bit only, Apple would be making a mistake that could hurt their image with loyal customers. There are a lot of first generation Macs with Core Duo CPUs, and they are very capable systems, even without 64bit and multi-core. (Additionally, a few of the early Core 2 Duos would have to left behind as well, just as they are still unable to boot the OS X 64bit kernel.)

There is no reason they couldn't still offer support for 32bit systems, especially with so much that has been touted about their dual image technologies in OS X. It is a little early to cut off 32bit CPU support, especially when they haven't did a full jump with 64bit running well even on supported systems.

There is no reason that they shouldn't be able to provide two versions and images on the install DVD unless their internal process is having problems maintaining both 32bit and 64bit versions. It also doesn't speak well of previous things Apple did well with their dual image technology that allowed them to keep PPC and Intel versions easily. And is a direct blow to their ability to keep OS X easily portable.

Oddly since Microsoft dropped Vista, it seems like the two companies are reversing their roles. Apple was making fun of Vista for requiring 1gb of RAM and a 2003 DX9 GPU for Glass/Aero.

Now Apple is the one restricting older hardware, and Microsoft already has delivered with Windows 7 that will run as well as XP on even a 512mb system with a 700mhz processor. (Youtube Windows 7 running on low end systems, some are quite surprising that it would even run, let alone run well on hardware that is 14 years old.)

Then there is Windows8, with Microsoft showing it running on ARM based system, and x32 processors that are both slower than the iPad, yet it is the full version of the OS and performing quite smoothly, when even iOS has issues with performance on its on iPad.

I know Apple and Mac fans are forgiving, and will buy whatever Apple tells them is necessary, but the reality is that either Apple is getting lazy or the developers and engineers are not capable of oveercoming simple code version maintaining or portability issues.

It is also a bit dishonest with Apple following Intel's lead by relegating EMT64/AMD64 64bit as 'not important' and stating it offers little true performance beyond larger RAM addressing just a few years ago, when they were questioned about having a 64bit version of OS X. (Which was a big backalsh as they were running the 'first 64bit desktop computer' ads on TV, while OS X had no 64bit support.)

Sadly I can see Apple dropping support for CPUs that are just a few years old, as they are a hardware company, but it bad form to do this for few legitimate reasons especially in bad economic times.

(If Microsoft had Apple's marketing practices, they could show Windows 7 running well on a computer made back in 1999, and then show OS X's inability to run on a Mac made back in 2007.)

It's great to see how every single piece of the old Aqua is being replaced by an updated look in Mac OS X Lion. The new login window and login animation are pretty nifty, although it still needs a fair amount of polish.

Nice touch that the scroll bars change their color (black or white) based on the background.

What changes are these? Speech synthesis or recognition changes?

I would definitely welcome some new synthesized voices though, having an Alex-equivalent as female wouldn't be too bad - preferably better though

Well for one many different languages are now supported (including Dutch, yay!), not just English. But those changes were present before DP3, though.