Apple: Push is back

It has been a long time since Apple has muttered the words "Push" and "MobileMe" in the same sentence but it seems that all has been remedied at the Apple camp.

Apple sent a letter to all MobileMe members letting them know that Push is now back and it is working as originally promised.

There are a few other new features listed in the letter that include iDisk file sharing, improved iPhone notification and better web app performance. These should all come as a welcome addition to those who already use MobileMe and will help to create a better cloud experience for all.

Dear MobileMe member:

Over the past few months, we have been working hard to make MobileMe the best service it can be. Here is a summary of the improvements and performance enhancements that have recently been completed.
Easy file sharing. iDisk now makes it even easier to share files that are too big to email. Simply select a file in the iDisk web app and click the Share File button to generate an email with a download link. You can also optionally add password protection and set an expiration date for the link. For more details, view this tutorial.

Faster syncing with Mac and PC. Changes you make to contacts and calendars on your Mac (Address Book and iCal) or PC (Microsoft Outlook) are now automatically pushed up to the cloud every time you make an update. Likewise, changes you make on, iPhone, or iPod touch are automatically pushed to your Mac or PC. As a result, your contacts and calendars update faster across all your devices. To take advantage of faster syncing, be sure you're running Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6 (Mac) or MobileMe Control Panel 1.3 (Windows).

Improved notifications and sync on iPhone. Reliability of new email notifications and syncing of contacts and calendar with MobileMe have both been improved. To get the best MobileMe experience on your iPhone or iPod touch, you should be running iPhone Software 2.2 or later.

Better web app performance. We have also improved the overall performance of the web apps at including faster start time in Calendar and searching in Contacts. For more details, see this support article.
Remember, to take advantage of these improvements, your computers and devices must be running the latest software versions indicated above

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argh, thought it was about push notifications when I saw the title.

Email from MobileMe hasalways been instant for me...

Same. Some apps could really benefit from push notifications, like Twitter and chat apps.

I̢۪ve never had a problem with MobileMe, either. Changes made on my Mac sync to my phone almost instantly, and vice versa.

Ok... except the Mail push service is only 1/2 a push service. It doesn't push read information to the phone. If you go and read an email in the web interface or in any other mail client the phone still thinks you have X unread emails. Quite annoying when you look at the phone a few hours later and its showing 2 new emails but you've already read and delt with those.

Connecting to an Exchange server from the iPhone does not have this problem, it handles read updates perfectly fine so come on apple, sort yourself out and actually finish implementing it!

yeah but what about the ability to run an app in the background...and what about the ability to run skype/fring over 3G/Edge?

i couldnt agree more. though with jailbreaking you can get ability to let an app run in the background. being able to skype over cellular would be great

Skype over 3G would mean your not going to be making normal phone calls. Why would a mobile service provider would even allow that to happen?

i hope you're not basing push being back simply from this line "Likewise, changes you make on, iPhone, or iPod touch are automatically pushed to your Mac or PC." ... i'd like to see the whole thing in action as of today, push should be near instant... as quick as receiving a call, or text with very little delay, changes made with little to no delay, etc

gmail push is working now! =)

just change the "fetch data" option on your iphone to "push". it didnt work before, now it does without some fancy mail2web-workaround.

and i for myself think this is great news! =) shouldve been there earlier but heck, who complains, its there now...

i really have no idea what you are asking for. =)

however, it does work. i recieved 5 emails in the last 20 minutes and they didnt came at once, they were popping up every now and then.

only after i switched to "push" to test it.

so for me thats good enough. =)

lol, let me put it this way then. gmail doesnt have push on the iphone. only fetch or manual. so i'd like to know why you mention gmail push is working now?

cool if it works for you, but unfortunately gmail still isnt push enabled it seems. the options clearly show just fetch or manual. and i've tested a few accounts and it gets mail on schedule when fetching..

hopefully soon though. google has enabled exchange activesync push for contacts/calendars, so maybe theyll turn it on for mail as well.

i think it was pretty obvious how much a mess it became last summer when they launched it. mobileme wasnt always doing real push.

Yeh there were service issues when it launched, but they were fixed ages ago. The email mentions nothing about push email, and the way it works hasn't changed since launch (ie it still isn't true push).

The headline just seems a bit sensational for what was actually changed by Apple.

i agree about the headline.. just read the email i received and thats not exactly the point of it..

seems like most of the work has been to improve the computer being able to push or sync very quickly any changes made on the computer side back to mobileme/phone