Apple settles iPhone 4 "Antennagate" lawsuit

In 2010, a lot of people were upset with Apple over the iPhone 4. The reason? The phone's reception seemed to dip way down when you held the iPhone 4 in a certain way. Specifically, when the phone was held in the left hand, covering the black strip at the bottom left corner of the device, the phone's signal dropped drastically.

Apple at first tried to downplay what later became known as "Antennagate". Officially, Apple said simply to not hold the iPhone 4 in that way. Later, Apple CEO Steven Jobs held a special press conference where he announced that everyone would get a bumper case for the phone if you bought it before a certain date. The case was made to improve reception for the device. However, the damage had already been done as a number of class action lawsuits were filed against Apple complaining about the iPhone 4 antenna issue.

Late on Friday, it was announced that Apple had reached a settlement in those cases. reports that as part of the agreement, Apple will pay everyone who bought an iPhone 4 $15 in cash or offer them a free bumper case for the phone. The case actually settles 18 class action lawsuits that were later merged into one case.

Ira Rothken, one of the lawyers for the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, said:

We believe that the Apple iPhone 4 settlement is fair, adequate, and reasonable. We believe that it allows members of the class to choose, and they can get $15 of cash or a bumper, so we believe that type of choice is proportional to the circumstances.

A special web site,, will be launched in the near future where iPhone 4 owners will be able to learn how to get their money or free case. Apple has yet to comment on the iPhone 4 settlement.

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warr said,
so the $1000 phone needs a bumper to work well as a phone.

not really, I've not lost signal in 6 months. that said the issue does exist, in rural areas with low signal so I guess it could have been better but it by no means doesnt work.

this is stupid... a bumper case is not a good settlement.... the phone should work as you bought it not with a case on it....maybe some people do not want a bumper case?

glad i'm not one of those nincompoops who absolutely must have the latest and greatest for showing off. you wouldn't believe how many of these idiots i see even in hongkong and china airports the next day it was launched.

It's their money they can use it for what they want. What shouldn't happen is a company releasing a premium device, like the iPhone, with a major flaw and then pretending like it doesn't exist.

thommcg said,
$15 iTunes voucher probably

You could assume or you could read the article, which states "$15 in cash".

Manish said,

You could assume or you could read the article, which states "$15 in cash".

hmm ... is someone from Apple going to come and give me $15 in person or are they going to trust the mail service to deliver it? lol

timster said,

hmm ... is someone from Apple going to come and give me $15 in person or are they going to trust the mail service to deliver it? lol

are you trolling or are you just dumb? they will put it straight into your bank account, probably the one you have on record for the itunes account.

KomaWeiss said,
I'm shocked that they only get $15. . I'd demand about $300.

Probably those who actually made the lawsuit got al ot more so it was worth it to them? I have no clue what I'm talking about tho.

So wait...if you were one of the original iPhone 4 owners who got a free case, does this mean you can get another free case?

I thought they already offered everyone a bumper? I hope I can get a second bumper for free now. I no longer use the iPhone though, so I might just take the $15.

Enron said,
I thought they already offered everyone a bumper?

You were only eligible for a free bumper/case (they offered up free third-party cases as well as their own bumpers) if you bought an iPhone 4 before September 30th 2010, and downloaded the special app to register for a free case. So anyone who bought it after that ended up having to buy a case themselves to avoid the problem, until now, thankfully.