Apple wants to help you find your car

Have you ever parked your car, gone shopping, only to come out and have no idea where your vehicle is located? It’s happened to all of us at some point and it looks like Apple wants to help with this frustration, hinted at by assets found inside iOS 8.

Apple’s beta of iOS 8 contains six images that can be used to locate a parked car but we don’t know when, or even if, this feature will show up in iOS 8 after it launches later this year. It's possible it could show up with iOS 8.1, or be pushed back to an update even further down the line.

This feature is one of many that are likely hiding in the code of iOS 8 and we have already seen that multi-tasking support is present for iPads but the code is clearly not finalized.

These hidden features will most likely make their way into a stable build of iOS but Apple has a tendency to push out features slowly and will not typically release a feature until it has been perfected. Of course, this is not always true as the disastrous launch of Apple Maps demonstrated.

It’s not quite clear how the feature will work; for example, if your phone will know you are parking or if you will have to manually assign the parking location. If the device was somehow capable of storing your parking spot automatically, without needing you to prompt it to do so, this would significantly add to the usefulness of the feature. 

Source: 9to5mac

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Doesn't Google Now already have this feature? I know on mine (Android - Google Now) I don't even have to tell Google and it reminds me.

Also, Google will get blame for spying and stuff, isn't what Apple is doing the same thing?

Siri, what is the current location of my car?

Your car is currently located in the Pacific Ocean. Would you like to see it on an Apple Map?

. . . or I could just trigger the car alarm. You know, like people have already been doing for years . . .

That feature should really be called "car pager" to be honest.

This sort of thing just promotes laziness.

If somebody commonly loses there car in a parking lot, maybe they should... uh... learn to pay attention...

Apple wants to help you find your car....

..then eventually Mr Tim ###### (sic) will assume it as its own property. You didnt read the small letters in the iphone contract!

Immediately thought of this:
"Have you ever been lost in a parking lot before? Uh What app would do is use existing AvL technology, right? So you'd type in the VIN number.
And if you car didn't have AvL capabilities you would just type in whatever section of the parking lot you were in, like P3, or ground seven.
So you just, you just write down what section of the parking lot you're in? Why do you need an app for that? So you can remember where you parked.
Right, uh, but why don't you just write it down on paper? Well, yeah.
But this is for your phone.
Ok, so it's just sorta like notepad? - Exactly! See? You get it."