Apple's Mac App Store hits 100 million download mark

Apple launched the Mac App Store less than a year ago as a way to replicate the success of the App Store for its iOS devices for its Mac PCs. Today Apple announced that the Mac App Store has now reached and exceeded the 100 million app download mark. Apple claims in a press release that the Mac App Store is now the "largest and fastest growing PC software store in the world."

Some software developers and publishers have now made the decision to no longer release Mac software products via regular retail stores and instead have released new versions of their apps exclusively on the Mac App Store. An example is djay, which turns a Mac PC into a full DJ system. Karim Morsy, the CEO of the software's publisher algoriddim, said, "In less than one year we’ve shifted the distribution of djay for Mac exclusively to the Mac App Store. With just a few clicks, djay for Mac is available to customers in 123 countries worldwide. We could never have that reach through traditional channels."

The success of the Mac App Store would appear to be a good sign, oddly enough, for Microsoft. The company revealed details last week about its plans to offer up its own app store feature, Windows Store, inside the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Offering developers a chance to distribute apps and programs directly to the user has now been proven as the best way to distribute software going forward.

Image via PCMag

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Compared to iOS, the Mac App Store has very poor offerings at the moment. A handful of quality apps surrounded by what looks like mostly spam apps that do little to nothing useful for most and a bunch of games that were released years ago on PC. I haven't been impressed with it. Apple should light a fire under their developers. I was hoping to see more apps that complimented the apps on my iOS devices.

While it's been a while since a OS X virtual machine just wont run on my new machine the apps that where on the appstore looked pretty good to me back around when Lion was released.
Sure would be nice if there where more iOS apps that got a OS X counterpart with some proper syncing.

I'm not sure what the development cycle for iOS apps is, but I know that the vast majority of apps are created using Apple's xcode IDE. I wouldn't mind it if there were apps that were complete clones of the iOS apps but ran in Mac OS X. The iCloud syncing is already there for many apps, I just want a Mac counter part just like there are iPad counter parts.

Microsoft may be struggling in the mobile space currently, but they will probably break this record in a couple of weeks, with Windows 8.