Apple's Phones Prompt iTypos

iPhone users make mistakes more often when texting compared to users of phones with hard keys, a new study found. User Centric tested how many mistakes mobile phone texters make, comparing the results of iPhone users with customers who have phones with full keyboards and those with numeric keyboards. User Centric, a Chicago usability consulting company, studied 20 users in each group. The study, while based on an extremely small sample size, makes for interesting reading.

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As it was only a sample of 20 people this is basically useless. It could purely be down to a couple of people being unable to spell. Even if 100 people were taken in each group the results wouldn't be great.

Also what is classed as a typo in a "txt msg"? - if anything reading the stats in another way it could be read as iPhone users abbreviate more in their messages.

Only question I have is did they enable or disable auto-correct on the iphone. That makes a huge difference. I'm sure I make more errors on the iphone but I text much faster than on any previous non-smart phone, partly because of the auto-correct.

User Centric...hold on, aren't they the same company that published the same news back in August madeup survey no.1??

Either PCworld have got slow news readers or User centric need better ad people.

the pc world article has this mention of 'fastap' ... now if you go to and check it out, its a pretty cool idea, lowered and raised keys to like have 2 keypads in one... like, a touchscreen phone will never be able to do the raised and lowered keys but like maybe it would be better if there was a new keyboard layout? it was not a full qwerty virtual keyboard, but one where like, its arranged like a smaller keypad with bigger keys but with more keys where the diagonal gaps between the keys are... like the difference between touchscreens and keypads is that it detects movement as well, so if you tap on a key it could be different from if you brush your hand across a key... and if your finger goes across a bunch of different keys without letting go, it could figure that you wanted to push the key thats in the middle of where your finger has been... like , the 'raised keys' can only be pressed without dragging your finger out of the button and you use these less often like for numbers and stuff, while the 'lowered keys' can be more forgiving and you hit them more easily if you drag your finger around abit...

Perhaps the problem is not with the phone but the sample population?

I can see a lot of users refusing to fix typos before sending out a text. Heaven forbid their Apple-branded product produce any mistake whatsoever.

"iPhone users make mistakes more often when texting compared to users of phones with hard keys, a new study found"

Who has so much time on their hands that they decide to do a study on this? Seriously, do we not have more important things to do than study the number of typos that people make?

Most kidz 2day have no grasp of English 'n' talk 'n' haf words 'n' numb3rs 'n' codez like POS or ROFL NEway so its mostly all typos from da start u no? k thxs LOSLZ!!!!

thats not a new problem.
when PC keyboards were introduced with those softer to press keys people switching from typewriter keyboards would make more misstakes, too.
although there might be really more typos left for most users after some time...
i could prolly bear with it.

Glassed Silver:mac

I have an iPhone at home and a BlackBerry at work. I find that I type just as fast on the iPhone as I do on the BlackBerry. The text correction feature on the iPhone almost ALWAYS corrects any typos that I have. The only thing I like better about the BlackBerry is the psychological effect of having a real key to punch down......don't know what it is but it just feels more natural. The iPhone keyboard took me all of a day to really get punching away on. I'd have to say the people they surveyed were complete idiots or else brand new first time users if they had that many problems typing on it. could be because it's a new input method to many people or the fact that most phones force you to go slow because you don't have a full keyboard. Sure non tactile keys doesn't help...but overall I wonder if the message typing is faster or not. I assume it likely is as you don't need to stuff around so much to find certain punctuation characters.

I believe it's because IPhone users can't spell ;)

Just kidding

How is the texting done on the IPhone??

Is it a visual keyboard on the screen? If so then it's not just IPhones. My HTC Trinity uses an onscreen keyboard. I however hardly ever have spelling mistakes due to the fact it checks the words as you type

theyarecomingforyou said,
But someone having problems would ask why can't Apple make a system that works as well as the competition. It's a two-way arguement.
For me, it works better. It is just some people are use to the old way. I've been able to text a lot more, a lot faster, and have about the same typos. How come I can do it and these other people can't?

Hurmoth said,
How come I can do it and these other people can't?

Mistakes are special in a way that person who makes them can't see them.