ARM wants to be in half of all mobile PCs by 2015

The ARM Holdings processor company is already making great strides in putting its designed into smartphones, tablets and other products that could be considered "mobile PCs". But that's just the start of what the company wants to do in this space. PC World reports that during a Computex press conference today, ARM Holdings president Tudor Brown made a pretty bold prediction on just how many mobile PC devices will have ARM-based processors in the next few years.

He stated, "Today we have about 10 percent market share [in mobile PCs]. By the end of 2011 we believe we will have about 15 percent of that market share as tablets grow." But what about the future? Well, according to Brown, "By 2015, we expect that to be over 50 percent of the mobile PC market."

The rise of the tablet market has given ARM an opening in expanding its processors beyond the smartphones market. Indeed Microsoft has already announced that the next version of its Windows operating system will support ARM-based processors which should allow ARM to expand even more into not just the mobile PC space but perhaps the desktop PC market as well.

If ARM really does capture over 50 percent of the mobile PC market in the next few years the big loser will be Intel which has seen PC shipments worldwide go down even as smartphones and tablet-based devices have grown. Intel wants in on the tablet market and said over 10 tablets will be shown at Computex this week with Intel processors inside.

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Answer me! Can ARM CPUs run multitasking processes or can it run 3d games or can ARM CPU be useful with applications like 3D Packages(3ds max, maya, autodesk, Adobe CS....)?????????
Seems ARM is no match for x86 architecture!! ARM is only suitable for mobile and tablets!!!
Maybe if one day everything goes cloud then ARM will be best choice but for now Intel x86 is the best choice for true(high end) computer users!!!!!!!!!! so don't fool me with ARM!

Funny if apple hadn't. Sold there share of arm all these android fans who won't touch anything of apples would be in a pickle :-p

I got the impression that most smartphones used the ARM architecture, anyway. What else do mobiles use?

Meph said,
I got the impression that most smartphones used the ARM architecture, anyway. What else do mobiles use?


Also note that they are talking about mobile PCs, which include Tablets, netbooks and laptops (I think PDAs are in this group too)