Asus announces Windows 8 home theater VivoPC and VivoMouse

Asus has already had a busy Computex 2013, announcing products such as the Zenbook Infinity Ultrabook and the Transformer Book Trio. Now the company has announced two more products: a small home theater PC along with a rather unique mouse product that can work with the PC.

The new Windows 8 PC is called simply the VivoPC, and as you can see it's a pretty small form factor; its only 56mm tall. Inside there's an unnamed Intel processor with integrated graphics along with support for either SDD or standard hard drives, two USB 3.0 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, a HDMI port and even a VGA port. The case, which has a metal finish, has a sliding cover that can give users quick access to the PC's RAM slots.

Asus also announced the VivoMouse, which combines the features of a normal PC mouse with a touchpad. Asus states:

The wide, flat design means VivoMouse can be used interchangeably as a mouse and desktop touchpad, making it ideal for Windows 8 PCs that lack a multi-touch display. However, its wireless PC connection also makes VivoMouse ideal for one-handed control away from the desktop, so it’s also the perfect peripheral for a living room PC.

Pricing for the VivoPC and the VivoMouse have not been revealed both both products are scheduled to be released sometime in the third quarter of 2013.

Source: Asus | Images via Asus

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No way does it look anything like a mac, not the shape, not the material.
Is that a CD/DVD slot or just to help slide the top to gain access to the RAM.
Could make an interesting media center if the price is right.

The home theater pc may be interesting. I've been wanting to get a PC hooked up to my TV and have it look "pretty" in my home theater (so the wife doesnt complain). If priced right and the specs are good enough..

Seems we are in for a repeat of last year's announcements, lots of new devices but no pricing, vague availability and pretty renders but no real devices. If things go the same way nothing will be available in the quoted timeframes then PC manufacturers will complain and blame others for their failures.

shozilla said,
I wonder what their interface (UI) look like.. Same UI as Windows 8 Metro? Similar to Xbox 360 UI?

It's windows 8 ....

pack34 said,

It's windows 8 ....

I know it's Windows 8 but I meant maybe Asus might modify their interface... might be different UI with different colors based on their product.

If they don't modify their UI, then we know that we have same Windows 8 UI as the tablets and desktops versions.

We will see when the time gets closer.

The only thing that might change is that Asus includes their own media center software.

...which I would definitely avoid along with Windows Media Center

PLEX all the way.

virtorio said,
I like the way that thing looks.

Can't say I do, would rather it was in matt black for dust/scratch prevention.

I like the form factor but this would look better suited in a kitchen pressing sandwiches.