ASUS Prepares PCIe x1 Sound Card

Last week at CeBIT, ASUS demonstrated its upcoming Xonar-series sound cards, available in two variants: the D2 and D2K in PCI and PCIe x1 interfaces. Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect multi-channel audio encoding technologies are available for digital multi-channel audio while 7.1-channel analog outputs are available for those that prefer analog to digital. Unconfirmed reports claim the ASUS Xonar-series feature an Analog Devices audio DSP. ASUS also touts Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Virtual Headphone technologies for multi-channel upconverting and surround sound. ASUS rates the Xonar-series with an 118dB playback and 115dB recording signal-to-noise ratios. The upcoming Xonar-series sound cards support 24-bit/192 KHz playback and recording resolutions as well as ASIO 2.0. ASUS internal testing reveals the Xonar-series is capable of low total harmonic distortion rates: 0.000006% THD on all eight analog outputs and the single line input, between the frequencies of 20Hz to 20 kHz. ASUS also equips the Xonar-series with an EMI shield and touts it provides "stable audio quality."

View: Xonar EMI shield concept
News source: DailyTech

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Hmm, I'm still a bit doubtful seeing as ASUS are only newcomers to the soundcard market and its the first PCIe (that I've heard of) card. I guess I'll wait and see how it pans out.

They got ADI to make a new audio chip and Asus is the elusive to this new chip so you won't see anyone else bringing an audio card based on this chip to market.

Damn. You all act like other alternatives to Creative don't even exist. However, I'm perfectly happy with my M-Audio Revolution 7.1. But I will be looking at this offer with great interest.

Will be awesome IF they can pull off full EAX support and not have it half@$$ed like realtek and others have tried to do. Untill then i stick with creative.

As far as Vista is concerned EAX is dead, you won't find many, if any future games supporting EAX, they will all be OpenAL which is an open standard.

I supports EAX 2.0 via hardware but unless they can do a third party "bridge" to re-route EAX calls to OpenAL... EAX (which creative uses "alchemy" for) no EAX on vista.

With Vista it makes sense to go Dolby / OpenAl for all 3d audio needs vs using EAX, which requires modded files put in to the game directory so it can emulate / translate to OpenAL calls.

Or Creative could re-write EAX so it does not rely on DirectSound.... which I don't see happening.

asus also stated it will have FULL vista support out of the box.

From What I have seen I think it either has optical or coaxial outputs and imputs on it too.

I cant wait for this card so I can finally dump creative.

If Asus can pull out Full vista support frm the start (for a/v and also games), then this will be one big wakeup call to creative.

i want one! i want to remove any load i possibly can from the CPU and have better sound quality than any onboard sound card can offer...and something to shove into my PCIx1 slot

I still have problems trying to justify buying a sound card now that everything comes with pretty decent onboard sound (most have optical connections too).