Asus reveals Windows 8 Zenbook Infinity Ultrabook

Touchscreen notebooks made for Windows 8 were a novelty when the OS first launched in late 2012 but now more and more PC makers are embracing this feature. One of them is Asus and today, as part of their Computex 2013 announcements, they showed off a new Ultrabook, the 13-inch Zenbook Infinity, that may be worth checking out when it is released.

Engadget reports that the Zenbook Infinity is the first Ultrabook that has been announced with a Gorilla Glass 3 lid, which Asus says will allow the notebook to have three times the scratch resistance of the current Gorilla Glass 2. The Zenbook Infinity will also be pretty thin at just 15.5mm but will still contain a touchscreen, a backlit keyboard, a USB 3.0 port and more.

Unfortunately Asus does not yet have any information about battery life for the Zenbook Infinity, although the Engadget video that accompanies the article does confirm it will have Intel's fourth generation Core processor (also known as Haswell) inside.  There's no word yet on its graphics card, memory or storage. That may be because the notebook won't be released until the fourth quarter of 2013. Even with this lack of info, the Zenbook Infinity sounds like it will be a contender for people who would like a tough but light Ultrabook to carry around.

Source: Engadget | Image via Endgaget

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I bought a Zenbook about a year ago. I took it back after a day. The build quality was so bad. It was so flimsy and just not built well. Felt like it was going to break. Very dissapointed. A big thing was the screen. The resoution was so high that you couldn't even read anything on the screen-the letters were so small. If you tried to adjust the resolution then it just made things worse by making the apperance awful. It was just a horrible experience with the screen. No adjustments could make it right. This was on Windows 7 back then but if the build quality is the same you guys will not be happy.

This is really looking good! My MBP is 3 years old now and I plan to get rid of the Mac completely. I hope Windows 8.1 delivers so that i can switch.