Asus Transformer Book Trio has Windows 8 and Android in one laptop hybrid

Asus announced a bunch of new PCs and tablets today as part of its Computex 2013 press conference today in Taiwan. Perhaps the most interesting product reveal was the Transformer Book Trio, which the company says can run both Windows 8 and Android on a device that serves as a notebook, tablet and even a desktop PC.

Asus is no stranger to this kind of dual OS product. Earlier this year it announced the Transformer AiO, which ran both Windows 8 and Android on a large 18.4 inch all-in-one PC. The new Transformer Book Trio, as reported by Engadget, is basically a much more portable version of the Transformer AiO. It has a screen that can detach from its included keyboard dock to serve as a separate Android tablet, with Intel's 2 GHz Atom Z2580 chipset and 64 GB of SSD storage inside.

However, when the 11.6 inch tablet is connected to the keyboard dock, the screen can then be used in Windows 8 mode, with a fourth generation Intel Core i7 processor and an 1 TB hard drive running things. The keyboard dock also contains its own battery. The desktop part of the Transformer Book Trio comes when the keyboard is connected wirelessly to a larger PC monitor.

It's certainly a cool sounding product but at the moment, there's no word on a price for the Transformer Book Trio from Asus. It's expected to launch sometime in the third quarter of 2013.

Source: Engadget | Image via Endgaget

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So you're working on something and want to detach the screen to move it closer to show something and your whole OS changes. And people said moving from metro to desktop was confusing....

right on the money.... hahaha.. it's pathetic that those that bash Metro/Desktop modes are the same who hail having Android with Windows on the same PC/Tablet. It just makes no sense. Now that's what you call inconsistent.

Sooo.... what happens in 6 years when you are on Windows 10 and Android hasn't been updated to 4.3 yet? Until Google sorts out the updating process where it works as well as Microsoft's I'll be avoiding any hybrid device.

Updating is almost ALWAYS because of the carriers and vendors. Surely someone will be able to just install vanilla Android, then no problem with updating.

I'm not sure adding yet another UI layer is what a Windows 8 machine needs?! I guess it's the ultimate in flexibility though. Now it just needs to run OS X and iOS, too.