Asustek Released Mainboard with Built-In DDR3 Memory Modules

Since DDR3 memory technology is nowhere near wide availability yet, Asustek Computer, the world's largest producer of computer mainboards, has decided to offer a motherboard with pre-installed DDR3 modules and specifically tailored heat-spreaders. The manufacturer suggested retail price of the novelty has not yet been announced.

Asustek's P5K3 Premium/WiFi-AP mainboard comes with two 1GB of PC3-10666 (1333MHz) memory modules already installed onboard and covered with high-performance heat-spreaders. Even though onboard DDR3 memory works at default 1066MHz, Asus guarantees that the memory can be overclocked to 1500MHz and higher. The company does not name the supplier of the modules or their latency nor voltage settings. The mainboard is based on an Intel P35 chipset and supports a variety of LGA775 form-factor processors, including future chips with a 1333MHz processor system bus. The board supports ATI CrossFire multi-GPU technology, sports a number of modern technologies for tweaking and overclocking as well as built-in wireless network controller that can function both as an access point or a wireless client mode.

News source: Xbit Laboratories

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I think it's a fine idea for many people but no one here has mentioned what I think is the main problem with this board. That being that if you want to change your motherboard, you can't bring your RAM to the new board. Many times I've upgraded my motherboard and brought the RAM with it. The "ram goes bad" issue is far less common, IMO. Most likely the motherboard goes bad first. I've had several motherboards go bad on me, but a RAM stick, not so.

Still though, it's a tempting board. 2GB of DDR3 RAM + motherboard=$455 - not too bad. 2GB is on the minimum side for my wants. I currently have 3GB.

I dont see any problem with it aside from if the ram dies. Most people that buy this well be gammers in which case...why do you need over 2gb?

if u look at the mb, you can see 4 ram slots, so yes, u can add more ram. im sure you can even put ddr2 in it if you didn t like the ddr3. its a great deal, i think to many people just dont read the words and look at the picture well enough.

Yeah. Learn to read, shakey. The picture I posted was to illustrate the point that there's already such a thing as a waterblock-cooled motherboard, but that's NOT the motherboard with the built-in DDR3 RAM.

I recall when some of the old OEM propriatery-mobo-from-hell systems would have soldered-on RAM-- like 4 or 8M of it.

So basically, you'd spend a fortune on a premium mobo, and then can't expand it beyond 2Gb, cos the picture shows no sockets? This is made of lose; I'd expect that most people would rather have 4Gb of slightly downclocked memory even if the 2Gb could have gone to 1500.

Zhivago said,
You knowledge of business and logistics astonished me.

He's right. This stupid thing will probably go for around $500-600 considering DDR3 is no less then $400 for 2GB plus Asus boards are overpriced as it is.