Asustek to launch new Eee PCs with bigger keyboards

Asustek Computer is planning to launch new Eee PC models, the 904 and 905, which have an 8.9-inch panel but use a similar chassis and keyboard as the company's 10.2-inch models, according to sources at channel vendors.

The Eee PC 904 and 905 will adopt Atom processors and the major difference between the two and the previous 901 model is that they feature a bigger keyboard. Asustek is still evaluating whether to make changes to the two models' battery and storage capacity.

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now if it cost cheaper, that its the idea of an eee but now its so expensive that i rather get a lowend dell that its more featured and same price.

I just ordered a 901. I don't know how comfortable it'll be to type on. Considering the 8.9 panel on a 10" chassis, it'll be rather weird looking.

So larger chassis and keyboard but the same sized screen as the 901?

If I'm reading that correctly then I'm glad I got the 901