Atari focusing on gamified hardware which could set achievements in real life

Atari is famous for being a pioneer in the industry, entertaining generations of gamers through titles such as Pong and Asteroids.

Nowadays, the company has slumped with the domination of Playstation and Xbox and has seen a change of ownership several times in its 40 year history. As a part of a corporate comeback strategy, Atari has unveiled plans for a venture in wearable technology and gamified hardware.

According to T3, products included in its future line up may include products that will create real life achievements. This could make mundane tasks fun by rewarding users for their efforts in everyday activities.  

Atari CEO Fred Chesnais says the company are looking forward to a challenging future.

 “We're looking forward to delivering on our new strategy and engaging with our audience in new ways across multiple channels as the next era of Atari unfolds. We are leading a rebuilding exercise in a highly volatile industry, so at the same time we are also aware of the challenges that lay ahead."

Atari also plan to capitalize on new gaming franchises, Android and iOS applications, real-money gambling, and YouTube with exclusive video content. Classic titles, such as Rollercoaster Tycoon and Pong, are set to be re-released in a plan to rebuild the brand.

By focusing on these digital mediums, the struggling company hopes to provide entertainment for generations to come.

Source: T3 via Marketwatch | Image via CheatCC

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Achievement unlocked - First Hemorrhoid ;)

"Atari CEO Fred Chesnais says the company are looking forward to a challenging future."
Well I wish them luck, they will need it.

I can see it now:

Achievement unlocked - Pressed the snooze button only once
Achievement unlocked - Remembered the name of that random guy that talks to you
Achievement unlocked - Purchased a carton of eggs without any cracks

It isn't even remotely the same company, so meh. Just the current owners trying to figure out what to do with the name and logo.

Anyone who remembers the golden age of Atari has bid a fond farewell and moved on. Anyone who doesn't ... doesn't.

I still love Atari.. not the game.. the computers are very advance for that time... just that Apple steal the thunder over and over... no more Steve Jobs, so maybe Atari can get back in business...

I was just having this conversation with a friend the other day, that eventually, everything in real life would have achievements. For no particular reason. Everything will be tracked. "Acheivment unlocked - fastest person up this set of stairs."