ATI Catalyst 9.2 Display Driver

AMD have released the version 9.2 of their ATI video card driver package.

Catalyst™ 9.2 brings performance benefits in several cases where framerates are CPU-limited. Some measured examples are:

  • Crysis DX10 gains up to 20%
  • Crysis Warhead DX10 gains up to 20%
  • World in Conflict gains up to 5%

Download: Catalyst 9.2 drivers
View: Release notes

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i wonder if they fixed their broken opengl icd ... where it doesn't cache textures to the video cards memory but use's them directly from system ram

I haven't noticed any performance boost in my games.

I have had one instance, however, where my display wouldn't turn on after my computer was locked for a while. That never happened on 8.12 or 9.2. So...I'm not sure if it's a problem with the 9.2 drives or not.

Since I moved from X1650 (AGP mainstream) to HD3450 (PCIe budget/value) I've actually noticed some improvements from the later series of Catalysts (basically, anything after 8.7) in terms of performance in casual gaming. With that being the case, an upcoming upgrade to HD4670/HD4830 is making me Rather Nervous.

Y'know, at like 8.10 or so, you used to be able to download a single installer that did the (AMD 7xx) chipset AND video drivers in one step. What happened to it?

The problem is, that it's not fsaa or a nice algorythm that can be optimized... it's the amount of changing and blended textures with effects that are synched and blended and fit on different models etc...
You can't tweak anything in the driver coding to speed things up...
Only blizzard is able to optimize wow...
Better routines... better occlusion and lod, better synching etc...

Not really, there's a lot of stuff going around that high end systems, such as the i7, still suffers fps drops in Dalaran or in a raiding environment.

Its an optimization issue in WoW. Most nVidia users are in the same boat.. Dropped FPS in Dalaran and other weirdness.. This is on XP, Vista SP1, and Win 7 7022.. Despite everyone on the nVidia forums complaining, seems ATi is in the same boat, therefore, we can assume this is no longer driver based issues and Blizzard is just not giving us any more love for high end PC users.. My nVidia card has no issues with new games tho like burnout paradise tho. :P

A little more on topic tho, these drivers work great once modded on my toshiba lappy! Can't wait for Win 7 drivers in 9.3 tho according to the blog..

Working now , it was related to DNS issues with opendns and Akamai I believe , because my DNS cache directed me to local copy of and opendns directed me to a different mirror of akamai, so it was like the hotlink you provided.