ATI Catalyst Display Driver 7.8 WHQL For WinXP/Vista

AMD have released version 7.8 of their ATI video card driver package.

The Catalyst™ software suite 7.8 contains the following:
- Radeon™ display driver 8.401
- Multimedia Center™ 9.16
- HydraVision™
- HydraVision™ Basic Edition
- Remote Wonder 3.04
- WDM Driver Install Bundle
- Southbridge/IXP Driver
- Catalyst™ Control Center Version 7.8

View: Release Notes
Download: XP 32-bit | Download: XP 64-bit
Download: Vista 32-bit | Download: Vista 64-bit
News source: AMD

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Version 7.8 works just fine here. It does not change my mode to 4-bit. I can't understand you guys having trouble. I have 37" Sharp LCD TV with 1080p resolution, and it looks great.

the v7.8 drivers won't work for me and a few others from what I've read, rebooting sets your display mode back to 4-bit colour mode and makes your desktop icons invisible!

Nice one ATI

No, it's because Neowin is linking directly to the page and they don't allow that. You have to go through their site.

This is why I didn't include that link when I submitted this article to the newsdesk. Someone at the Newsdesk added that link before it was posted to the Software News page. :suspicious: