AT&T goes matte green with new Lumia 1520

The Lumia 1520 is a big phone, there is no question about that - with a 6-inch display and a 1080p display, it has plenty of screen real-estate. If you had been holding off buying one of these phones from AT&T because you weren't happy with the color options available, there is good news for you today.

AT&T is now offering the Lumia 1520 for $199 (on a two-year contract) and in the lovely color of matte green. Nothing else has changed on the phone, but offering more colors options will likely help move a few units from retail shelves as it gives consumers more choice.

Lumia devices have consistently offered bold and new colors to help Nokia - now under Microsoft - to differentiate its products from the generally bland black and white devices available at most carriers. Microsoft likes to say that Windows Phone is the most personalized OS on the planet and by offering a variety of color phones with the OS, it helps to build upon that statement.

You can hit the source link below to check out the green Lumia 1520. 

Source: AT&T

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I'm a fan of green, just have to see this in person to see if it's dark enough (I like darker green colors compared to lighter ones).

Well, I said I wouldn't get one, but my 920 developed the "cyan line of distraction" on my way to pick up a Surface for a client last Friday. I had bought it when Microsoft had the 920 for $299. I had spent the extra $100 for the two-year insurance. So, after a bit of indecision, I went ahead and paid the $50 deductible and got a yellow 1520. I still need to pick up a fast SD card, and my new case is on the way from Amazon, but I have to say...

This is the best phone I've ever had.

True, I miss wireless charging (a lot), and I'm still irked by AT&T chopping the storage in half, but 8.1 Update 1 on Cyan is simply amazing. And once I add the SD card I'll be swimming in gigabytes. I'm even getting motivated by the built-in pedometer, to say nothing of the other improvements from the 920.

And best of all, I can see everything clearly at a glance(tm)!

I was in the same boat, but my daughter dropped it onto the concrete and cracked the glass. The 1520 took some a few days to get used to the size, but it has become my favorite device as well. I don't think I'll be able to go back to a sub 5.5" 1080P screen now. Everything from web pages to video files is awesome. I find I don't even use my Dell 8" simply because RDP to my desktops and servers works fine on this. If you're into WP and want the best device the 1520 is definitely the choice.

TPreston said,
Just make sure you get the non gimped international version (rm-937)

If you want an accidental damage warranty from a local source (walk in and out), you don't have a choice. Shipping my phone off isn't an option for me. I considered ebaying this one -- I could get most of the money toward and South American variant with all the LTE bands, but then I'd lose my ability to replace it for $50 if anything happens.

Exactly! I don't want PMA since no one else is supporting it much whereas QI is supported by many more products, and 16GB was a deal breaker for the color phones. I ended up going with the black one just to get the extra built in storage along with my 64GB MicroSD. The only reason I didn't get an unlocked version was that it was the only way I could get it insured through AT&T. :-\

-adrian- said,
Still no 32gb ram and still no wireless charging ..tzz

I have no idea why ATT decided to do that...The international version had 32gb and QI charging but they changed it to 16gb (with a microSD slot for extra) and PMA...

Literally the only place I've seen that uses PMA is starbucks. Everywhere (and everything) else uses QI.

DaveGreen93 said,

That would definitely be the definition of overkill :p

Mmmm, server levels of RAM in a phone

Deliciously battery killing ;)

Sraf said,

Mmmm, server levels of RAM in a phone

Deliciously battery killing ;)

I get over 2 days of moderate to heavy use on my 1520 but it only has 32gb, 64gb SD but not 32gb of ram lol