AT&T LTE comes to eight more locations

AT&T has turned on its LTE network in eight more locations today. The following cities now take advantage of AT&T LTE: 

  • Birmingham
  • Detroit (metro)
  • Seattle
  • Portland
  • Honolulu
  • Pittsburgh
  • Memphis
  • Sacramento

AT&T has also expanded its LTE network in Miami-Dade County.

The LTE expansion means that more customers will now be able to enjoy mobile internet that's is up to 10 times faster than 3G with devices such as the HTC One X and Nokia Lumia 900, as well as upcoming devices such as the Lumia 920 and Samsung Galaxy Note II.

AT&T has said that they expect their LTE network to be fully rolled out across the country by the end of 2013.

Source: PRNewswire

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LTE has been here in Bakersfield for almost 2 months but I only get 2MBs down and 3MBs up. Meanwhile Verizon LTE in my same town is like 24MBs up and 17MBs down! WTF AT&T!

The Seattle LTE roll-out covers more than just Seattle itself. I live in Renton and get pretty decent LTE speeds.

I've been bouncing between 12-60Mb all day for download speeds depending on how many bars of signal I have. I need to stop testing it though because the 17MB file transfers can start to eat at the data cap quickly.

Don't believe everything that AT&T tells us. Unlike Verizon, which actually blankets regions with their spectrum, AT&T will have one or two towers going at half power.

I live in a major city, and we have had AT&T LTE for awhile, and it comes and goes like the wind.

Relatedly, as I drive along on the major interstate, it will not only lose the LTE signal, but it will also lose its 4G signal. I am so tired and bitter with regard to AT&T at this point, that I really just wish T-Mobile would become the dominant "other" player beyond Verizon, and that they too would actually have good cell service.

Alas, it seems that only Verizon has any interest in actually rolling out service where AT&T continues to go an inch while claiming a mile. Oh, and quit using your phones the way that they were advertised and designed to be used; you're killing the network that they refuse to reinvest in.

pickypg said,
AT&T will have one or two towers going at half power.


I'm glad Bell don't do that BS here in Canada. Sure their LTE deployment is quite limited but when they do a city/area they tend to cover it pretty well.

I live in Pittsburgh. I came here to say "Nope!", but I just looked at my phone, and where I usually have 0 bars, if my phone registers reception at all, I now have 2 bars. Good works AT&T.

But I still hate you