Auslogics Registry Defrag

Auslogics Registry Defrag is an extremely useful program to keep your registry as compact as possible. As a result of keeping the registry defragmented and as small as possible, your computer performance will be much improved.


- System Optimization
Microsoft Windows and various program access the registry a few hundred times a second. By keeping your registry optimized you improve your computer performance.

- Ease of Use
Registry Defrag is incredibly easy to use even for a novice user. The program provides stunning visual representation of the fragmented areas in your registry.

- Complete Registry Defragmentation
Data is frequently removed from the registry, but the allocated space remains. The program will scan through the registry to remove this space, reducing the size of the registry.

- Detailed Reports
Upon defragmenting the registry on your computer, the program prepares an HTML report with comprehensive details about registry defragmentation process.

Download: Auslogics Registry Defrag freeware
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I like it... seems to work very well - it's quite incredible the amount of slack space which builds up in the registry over time.

This type of software is a joke.

The Windows registry is not large enough to exhibit a performance penalty from excess "white space" or space reserved by the system but not utilized.

Most faster computers don't see much of a benefit, no. But in Windows 2000, software like this is quite nice when companies are using Windows 2000 for DVR systems. The registry in Windows 2000 has a size limitation that causes a BSOD when exceeded, and software like this can actually remedy that particular problem by compacting the registry section.

So while not everyone will see the benefits, it does have its place in the software world with Windows 2000 at least.

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