Availability for Windows 7 beta extended

Microsoft Windows Communications Manager, Brandon LeBlanc, has announced that availability for the Windows 7 beta download has been extended until February 10th, 2009. Microsoft noted that they have extended the availability as "enthusiasm continues to be so high for the Windows 7 Beta and we don't want anyone to miss out we will keep the Beta downloads open through February 10th".

If you haven't started downloading the beta, you only have a few weeks left. The company announced that it's plan to end availability will be the result of a three phase strategy.

* Starting January 27th, the Windows 7 page will be updated with a warning that time is running out on downloading the Windows 7 Beta and that we will be limiting downloads shortly. People will be encouraged to register and start the download of the Windows 7 Beta sooner rather than later.
* February 10th, new downloads of the Windows 7 Beta will no longer be available. People who have already started their Windows 7 Beta download and have not yet finished will still be able to finish their download and are encouraged to do so.
* February 12th, people will no longer be able to complete their download of the Windows 7 Beta. Anyone who hasn't finished downloading the Windows 7 Beta will be unable to do so.

Brandon LeBlanc also noted that product keys for the Windows 7 beta will be available beyond the February 12th shut down date. The dates mentioned above do not apply to MSDN and TechNet subscribers. If you've missed our coverage of the new features in Windows 7, check out the links below.

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I don't see why they don't just have a BitTorrent link as most people know how to use that and then they could save bandwidth on their end, I think that's what it's all about.

Lord Ba'al said,
True, they could save a huge deal of traffic by using BT - but they obviously don't care about that.

They have contracts with akamai with huge volume discounts and some sort of exclusivity, alternate distribution means are out of question for them I guess unless akamai allows it.

Whats the point? I think people are still getting same set of keys and download would be available after feb 12th if mirrors start appearing

i like the way they even thought about those starting to download but not finishing... i mean, they could just limit it all to February 12th