Avant Browser Release 8.02 Build 001


  • Improved drawing engine gives more options for skins.

  • Five visual styles have been added: Monai XP, Nexos, Office Adaptive, Office XP, Tristan.

  • Improved left panel.
  • Surf with a MDI browser? Try Avant Browser, an upgrade for your Internet Explorer. Avant Browser is a fast, stable, user-friendly, versatile multi-window browser. Avant Browser is a freeware, it blocks pop-ups and has many, many more features. Now with RoboForm and great skins packaged in the install. There is also a light version.

    Released 7-1-03

    Download: Avant Browser 8.02 Build 001

    Download: Avant Browser - Lite 8.02 - without skins and Robo

    Screenshot: Avant Browser 8.02 Build 001

    View: Avant Browser Home Page

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