Baretorrent 0.4.4

Simple BitTorrent Client Focused on Minimalism

Baretorrent is a simple, multiplatform torrent client for downloading content over the BitTorrent protocol, created with the intention of being uncluttered and unobtrusive. Although it is a complete BitTorrent downloader, Baretorrent maintains a lightweight footprint, doesn't slow your computer down, and quickly downloads torrents.

Baretorrent comes with a straightforward, well-designed interface making it easy to find your way around. Being a free and Open Source torrent client, Baretorrent is clean and focused on minimalism...just like uTorrent used to be in his early age -- you don't have to worry about adware toolbars and other unnecessary extras during setup.

Download: Baretorrent 0.4.4 | 64-bit | 15.0 MB (Open Source)
Download: Other Systems
View: Baretorrent Website | Changelog

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@Fawzi Breidi : really? <.<

@Copernic : I'll try the version you've linked. Thanks.

@jonathanmcdougall : It's Windows XP Professional x64 bit version. Microsoft stopped with SP2 at it, there's no SP3. The x86 (32 bit) version has SP3.

Anyway, it's funny as all 64 bit applications I've run work smoothly and never got that error. What libraries do I miss? I'll check again later on.

> Microsoft stopped with SP2

My mistake, and my 64-bit XP virtual machine was actually running SP1.

> all 64 bit applications I've run work smoothly

I've reproduced your problem with the 32-bit version of baretorrent running on XP 64-bit with SP2. The 64-bit version (linked by Copernic) seems to work fine.

Downloaded the x64 build, installed and when wanted to run it got a funny error. Check out

Running a x64 OS yet it complains that it can't run a 32 bit application. Great start.

Edit: Downloaded the 32 bit one and get the same error. Dafuq?

Your computer might be infected with a virus. run a full scan.

on another note, utorrent started with this idea and changed drastically through the years.

I'm the baretorrent developer. I only tested it on SP3, as I didn't realize people were still using SP2 I'll try to have a look at this, but don't hold your breath.

As for the misleading error message, it means that baretorrent is relying on DLLs that are not present in your version of XP. There's nothing wrong with the executable itself.

nice to see you active here. I hope more detailed error messages in the future.

I would like to start developing native applications (without .NET framework) to run on WinXP sp3 and above with a portable 8gb database
what languages do you recommend?

> I hope more detailed error messages in the future.

Recent versions of Windows _do_ have better error messages. This error is not from baretorrent.

> I would like to start developing native applications (without .NET framework) [...] what languages do you recommend?

If you're developing native applications on Windows, C or C++ is pretty much the only thing you can use. If you're asking about frameworks, then you can use the Windows API directly or go for portable libraries such as wxWidgets (which baretorrent uses).

I started with xml files because I wanted them to be easily editable. Along the way, I've decided to move towards sqlite, which means I am now using both. This is one of the things I have to fix eventually so everything is in the sqlite database.

Oh, I'll give this a spin when I come home. I like the fact that they've moved the information pane to the side - makes use of wide resolutions.