Barnes & Noble introduces e-book platform for education [Update]

Engadget has revealed today that Barnes & Noble has unveiled new software for the higher education market. The software, called NOOKstudy, will offer students a great new tool to manage their digital resources (eTextbooks, course materials, notes, syllabi, images, trade books, and other course documents). In their press release, Barnes & Noble describes NOOKstudy as “a revolutionary, easy-to-use study tool that offers instant downloads of a large, versatile selection of eTextbooks and academic and trade titles.”

Image Credit: Engadget

It offers many great features that can help students become more productive. Barnes & Noble’s EVP of Textbooks and Digital Education also had the following to say about NOOKstudy: “NOOKstudy is a big win for college students: it will not only lighten their backpacks, but also help them save money and study more efficiently.” These features include the ability to view multiple sources of material at one time, access to free content, and the ability to take customizable, searchable notes. With their long history of selling college textbooks, Barnes & Noble has a strong influence in the higher education market.

Part of the reason that they have this influence is the fact that they have strong ties to many higher education publishers. Some of these publishers include Pearson, Cengage Learning. McGraw-Hill, and Springer. Additionally, NOOKstudy will provide students with discounts of up to 40% off new textbooks and test preparation guides. NOOKstudy is currently being used in some universities and Barnes & Noble is looking to roll it out to the general public in August. 

Update: Barnes & Noble Nook Study has been released. This is great news with the fall school semester coming up shortly. Please visit the Barnes & Noble Nook Study site to download the software.

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Of an owner of a Nook there's a few differences... The two things that convinced me to get the Nook over the KINDLE and SONY E-Reader was that the end user to change the battery in the Nook. The others (at the time) you had to send it in to get replaced. Also (at the time) the Nook had 3G/Wi-Fi while the rest didn't. It uses ATT 3G and now ATT HotSpots with the latest firmware at no additional cost. The other factor was that the Nook also has a Memory Slot for microSD.

Nothing like purchasing a book @ 32K above the ground. . and have it downloaded within a few minutes.

Blaze said,
How will textbook vendors benefit from this?

A quick and easy way to distribute their books without all of the additional fees of stocking
and shipping physical books? That would be my best guess. That is unless you mean stores that sell the physical books. If that is the case, they might offer some kind of card with a code that students could buy and enter into the software for the books.

Yes, they better have all of my senior year high school textbook! I'm planing on using my tablet pc as my only resource in school.

Bioran23 said,
I wonder whether this will have IB textbooks? Or would it be focused on US education only?

I am not really sure to be honest. However, it would certainly be nice if they offer this globally at some point.