Battlefield 2: Euro Force released

Euro Force the first Battlefield 2 "Booster Pack" has been released and is available immediatly for download through EA's Downloader service for $9.99US. Just to refresh, Euro Force adds the following to Battlefield 2:


  • The all-new Euro Force Army, with a full arsenal of the latest technology.
  • 3 new maps, from battles in the Taraba Quarry and Operation Smoke Screen to close-quarters mayhem around the Great Wall of China.
  • 4 new vehicles including the Leopard battle tank, Eurofighter Typhoon, and Tiger attack chopper.
  • 7 new weapons including FAMAS and P90 rifles.

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    the game install can be found in your ea downloade cache e.g. c:\program files\Electronic Arts\EA downloader\Cache\

    there should be a folder in there with setup.exe

    Cool game

    in too minds to whether its worth £6

    Eurofighter is a bit weird to fly not quite used to it.

    The new helicopter is cool, very fast if a bit twitchy and too keen to nose dive.

    Had a bit of trouble getting this as my gaming pc is Windows 2000, had to use the downloader on my XP machine then copy the folder over from the cache folder and run the setup.exe.