Best Buy selling Xbox One Day One launch consoles again

Just after Microsoft announced the November time frame for the launch of the Xbox One, several retailers started taking pre-orders for the Xbox One Day One edition. A few days ago, Amazon confirmed that it had sold out of its allotment of its Day One console units. Today, Best Buy started taking pre-orders for Xbox One Day One consoles again after previously selling out of that version of the console.

The pre-order listing confirms the $499 console is back on sale, and it will include the limited edition controller that will have the "Day One 2013" label in the middle, along with an extra code for an Day One Xbox Live achievement. At the moment, it looks as though Best Buy, Target and Walmart are all still taking pre-orders for the Xbox One Day One edition in the U.S.

Amazon is still taking pre-orders for the standard version of the Xbox One, but that version may not ship in time for the planned launch of the console. GameStop's website is completely sold out of the Xbox One at the moment. So if you really want an Day One edition and want it shipped on the same day as the Xbox One launch, your best bet is to go ahead and pre-order on the Best Buy and Walmart websites, before they run out of their allocations.

Source: Best Buy | Image via Microsoft

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Awaiting Amazon to get more Day One editions too, I currently have a PS4 pre-ordered, waiting to switch; the cloud will eventually benefit us really well IMO. Goodbye PS4 exclusives

I pre-ordered It directly from MS, but im really unsure to if ill actually follow through with it. I mean, the games that are coming at launch aren't too much and launch day extras aren't that big of deal it seems.

An achievement and graffiti'd controller doesn't really excite me all that much, I'll be getting mine from my local store where I'm guaranteed to get it on launch day instead of relying on the postal system.

I will have to agree. I'm waiting till prob next Summer to get a console. There are probably 1 or 2 launch titles that I want. Most games won't be out till next year anyways, especially Titanfall.

Also, a small decal on the controller isn't much of an incentive for a Day One Console. I wish they would have did something special with the console itself.