Bill Gates gives update on Microsoft CEO search

For the past few years, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has attended, but has not spoken, during the company's annual shareholder meeting. That changed today when Gates made a brief address during today's 2013 shareholder event, held in Bellevue, Wash.

Gates talked about several subjects during his address to Microsoft shareholders, which was also livestreamed on the Internet. One of the bullet points was the search for a new chief executive to replace the retiring Steve Ballmer. Gates said that the search committee, which he is a member of, has been meeting regularly, including a gathering held Monday night.

Gates said that several people are under consideration by the CEO search committee but did not offer any specific names, saying only they were looking at both external and internal candidates. Rumors claim Ford CEO Alan Mulally, former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and current Microsoft COO Kevin Turner are among the top candidates that are being considered.

Gates said he and the committee were pleased with the progress that had been made in selecting Ballmer's replacement but would not give a timetable for when that process will be completed. Gates did state the following about what the new CEO will have to deal with when he or she takes over:

It's a complex global business that the new CEO will have to lead and they'll have to drive across fundamental transitions to create new growth and attract and manage top talent. He'll have to build on our strengths while addressing areas that we have weaknesses or challenges. The person has to have a lot of comfort in leading a highly technical organization and have an ability to work with our top technical talent to seize the opportunities.

Gates also thanked Ballmer for his time as CEO, saying, "In our entire 38-year history, we've had only two CEOs. And that alone makes us quite unusual." He even got a bit emotional at the end of his address as he talked about about he and Ballmer share a commitment "to make sure the next CEO is the right person for right time for the company we both love."

Gates also humorously mentioned the upcoming launch of the Xbox One on Friday, stating, "I've told my kids, though, that it's a school night, so even though in the past we used to sneak out after midnight and use computers, I don't want to see that happening, so my kids will be asleep that night."

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Meconio said,
Yeah right, cause we are going to believe him that his kids haven't had access to Xbox One yet.

That's exactly what I took away from this article

Meconio said,
Yeah right, cause we are going to believe him that his kids haven't had access to Xbox One yet.

It is because when you are on stage, and you want to keep the audience's attention; you have to throw in a few jokes. In this case, he is making a joke at the expense of his children and his past. It doesn't have to be real, but something that audience can relate to.

Meconio said,
Yeah right, cause we are going to believe him that his kids haven't had access to Xbox One yet.

Oh, but the system would ban them if the went online before the release date, right....right?

Is he seriously stating that his kids would have to go to the store to get an XBOX One?
They don't have a few hanging around the house yet?


Lone Wanderer Chicken said,
Gates has gotten a lot older looking. He still looks good though.

Time flies Nothing to do but age.

I read the article title as "Bill Gates gives up on Microsoft CEO search" and thought they were going to just stick with Ballmer.

While Gates is still considered one of the wealthiest people in the world (2nd place, solid $67 billion net worth behind Carlos Slim Helu's entire holdings - meaning his family fortune - at $73 billion) he's repeatedly made it clear his wealth which is primarily in stock holdings aka on paper and not actual cash "money money money" has no real effect on his or his family's day to day life. Yes they do live better than us relatively "common folk" but his kids don't get whatever they want just because money isn't a concern in any realistic degree:

It's because Gates and his wife are frugal folk, they work(ed) hard to get what they have, and their kids work for it as well. Any decent biography of Gates will reveal this stuff.

And no, his kids don't have special access to Microsoft products just 'cause Daddy founded the company either.

I mean really, Gates still goes to a barber and pays $20 for a haircut, get real. His kids ain't getting nothing completely for free, privilege in that family has to be earned and worked for.

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