Bill Gates joins Twitter

Bill Gates has begun using the popular social networking service Twitter, The Next Web reports.

The account is a genuine and verified Twitter account meaning it's confirmed by Twitter. Twitter worker @caroline also confirmed Bill Gates had joined in a posting earlier today. Gates' first update was "Hello World", a tradition amongst programmers for people attempting to learn a new programming language.

In July 2009, Neowin took an exclusive look at Bill Gates' genuine Facebook profile. Gates lists his favourite activities as "Tennis, Bridge, Reading, Movies" and is interested in "Science, Health, Philanthropy, Software, Neuroscience, Energy". Gates also lists his Education and work history, noting he attended Harvard in 1977 to study Mathematics and Lakeside School in 1973. Gates has a small 112 friends who he accepted onto his account before 10,000 people tried to add him as a friend.

You can follow Bill @billgates on Twitter.

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Bangbang023 said "So, I'd be very interested in getting a glimpse of what goes through this man's mind, from time to time."
It's obvious:
Must make more money, must con the public one more time. I know, Windows 7 should do it. Suckers.

This website should help give you a clue about what Gates does with his money and might help prevent such ignorant comments in the future:

Andrew Lyle said,
I always thought he was on Twitter.. but he is getting 50+ followers every few seconds. Insane!

Someone should graph the increasing numbers. its crazy as

Edited by mentalindustries, Jan 20 2010, 1:25am :

Andrew Lyle said,
I always thought he was on Twitter.. but he is getting 50+ followers every few seconds. Insane!

Oh wow... I notice from Taylor Dayne's website that she just became friends with him... LOL I found that funny.

the count of followers increased by 78 in those 60 secs I measured.
lol, this page is a "every f5 is unique" one

Glassed Silver:win

Edited by Glassed Silver, Jan 20 2010, 8:42pm :

EddiePwnsYou said,
Without Bill Gates we would live in an Apple locked world :D

Correction. Without bill gates, we would arguably not have a home computer market. All of the processing power would still be locked up in the world of corporate america. Without bill, all enthusiast hobbykits would still have a maximum 640k RAM

markjensen said,
Twitter is filled with such stimulating tidbits, like what people are eating for lunch.

Not all profiles are like that.

King Mustard said,

Not all profiles are like that.
I didn't say they were *all* like that.

Just that Twitter is indeed filled with inane bits like the examples given.