Bill Gates: Transitioning into the Future

Channel 9 have caught up with Bill Gates as he prepares to step down from his full time duties. It's the only place he's worked and he's getting ready to transition from his day to day responsibilities in his office on the Redmond campus. Bill's employment future will be centered around running his philanthropic enterprise, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill is fundamentally shifting his focus from achieving his dream of "a PC in every home" to helping realize the vision of "healthy people in every country". He talks about how each one of us can help make this dream come true by donation of time, expertise and, of course, money.

Charles from Channel 9 caught up with Bill to discuss his transition from full time at Microsoft to full time at his global philanthropic foundation (he will still be involved with major decisions given that he will retain his post as the Chairman of Microsoft and his email address will still be functional :p ).

Questions addressed in this conversation include: What's on Bill's mind as he prepares to step away from his full time responsibilities at Microsoft? What was his rationale for making the decision? What was behind his decision to put Ray Ozzie in the role of Microsoft Chief Software Architect? What does a CSA actually do? Why is Microsoft so focused on competing with Google and is search as important as we think? What's top of mind for Bill that Developers who target our platform should pay attention to now and in the next decade? How can Microsoft become more agile given the complexity that arises from so much asynchronous innovation spanning disparate product units? Why does Windows still matter in an Internet world?

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I see where you are coming from. I remember someone saying he donate $1 billion. He is no longer the riches man too

Anyone else find it kind of funny that the richest man in the world wants other people to donate money to help his dream come true? I know its not as simple as him going to the bank and drawing out a few billion but its still filled with irony.... I think. XD

Is that actually a smilie used in a news article? A smilie in a parenthetical insertion? uh...?

Guess I just haven't seen enough journalists stick their tongues out during newscasts. I have apparently been watching and reading the wrong news sites! From now on I will expect to see smilies in every single news report, lest the reporters diminish the journalistic integrity of their respective news stations. As long as we're smiling, here's one