Bing adds Full Screen feature to homepage

A few of our keen readers here at Neowin have noticed a slight change Microsoft has made to the Bing homepage. Among the set of image control buttons to the bottom right of the homepage a new button has appeared that enables a "Full Screen" mode, which hides the top navigation bar, the footer, and the popular searches pane.

The standard Bing homepage

By clicking the button you can fully enjoy the beautiful photos Bing displays on the homepage, and it also makes the design more minimal by hiding seldom-used navigation tools. It should be noted the full-screen button doesn't actually make the image full-screen on monitors with a resolution above 1366x768, but it certainly makes the image more visible.

Bing in Full Screen mode

So far we've seen the feature appear on the United States and Australian Bing homepages, so we assume it has rolled out (or will be rolled out shortly) to all localized Bing sites worldwide. Head to Bing right now to check it out.

Thanks everyone for the tips!

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Lord Method Man said,
Awesome. I only search with Bing.

Every once in a while, even I get bored of the internet (yes, it is actually possible). In those situations I go to Bing and click the little "i" icon to check out more pictures, read articles and travel guides or anything related to the homepage picture. And in time I developed a habit of doing this every day, instead of just checking out the description of the photo and only once-in-a-while looking through related searches. In this, Bing is the most useful search engine to me, because I can use any search engine on the internet, but Bing gives me something new and interesting to see and read during my morning cup of coffee that otherwise I'd never even think about searching for just for the hell of it!

For example, yesterday's interesting photo was an aerial view of Cape May Peninsula in New Jersey. Having seen the US only through pictures and videos, every time I see something similar to this I click the "i" icon and enjoy my coffee while learning something new every day. It has replaced my old morning routine of going through my social network messages (sometimes even email, if I'm not expecting anything important in the inbox), and change is always good in my opinion.

I use Google, mostly out of habit, but I love Bing's homepage photos and always look forward to the occasional video. This new feature kind of seems useless, but I kind of like how the search bar becomes translucent.

This is Paris (France, where else?) calling. We have the Bing full screen feature as well. As noted in the article, doesn't make much of a difference on a screen above 1366x768, even if it does indeed allow a better contemplation of the exceptional beauty of the images, which should not nevertheless distract the user from the essential: responses to a search!

This was a good idea, but poorly implemented. Yeah, everything you hide in "fullscreen mode" returns as soon as you click the search field and/or just start typing your search. Why? Also, it's not really a fullscreen mode because the image itself does not expand to the height and width of the browser, it just hides all the other elements - I don't understand why because all those images are scaled down to a lower resolution (Bing Desktop proves this as it delivers 1900x1200 wallpapers to your desktop). *EDIT* It does actually expand, but not too much, it looks like it just takes the aspect ratio of the wallpaper being delivered to the desktop, but not the actual resolution.

Also, if you click the fullscreen button once, then do your search or just navigate away from the site, as soon as you return to Bing, each and every time, you need to click the "fullscreen mode" button again in order to see the full background without other elements. Very poorly implemented and, for those like me that use Bing Desktop, actually IS useless.

I click the fullscreen button to get rid of the top and bottom bars, I try to search and brings them right back. Useless feature for me